TIINA TAMMETALU's (1961) personal exhibition Selected Ground will be open in Draakon gallery from September 29th, 2009. Selected quadrate canvases shown in the gallery present the reconstructed selection of surfaces.

The artist has observed the ground and has chosen pieces to copy-paste accordingly to her principles. Vertically exhibited canvases in the gallery reflect the „selected grounds“ that have been gone through the reconstruction process.

In her observation of nature, Tammetalu has stated the repetition of a certain shade of green on the ground and has studied the principles of such repetition. She has systematically juxtaposed the green in various reconstructed situations. This has resulted in diptych paintings where the greenish gray shades of moss and clay are competing with other shades.

The artist technique is similar to the one of fresco painting, yet being unique due to the use of canvases as the ground material. Tammetalu's work is open for public interpretation and can be called both paintings and unique objects.

Tiina Tammetalu

Exhibition open until October 10th, 2009.

Supported by Estonian Artists' Association and the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

Exhibitions in Draakon gallery are supported by Estonian Ministry of Culture.

Tiina Tammetalu


1982 - 1989 studied visual arts at the Estonian Academy of Arts
1989            Graduated as painting artist
Since 2003   M.A.-studies of interdisciplinary Arts at the Estonian Academy of Arts
1992  Estonian Artists´ Association
Estonian Association of Painting Artists
2001  Estonian Society of Graphic Designers

MEMBERSHIP at Groups of arts`
1987 - 1989  Group Rühm T
Group S & K  ART MIX
1994 - 1996  SHOP Group (Women`s art Group)

Painting, installations, environments, video, graphic design, art curatorial experience etc.

Since 1987 participates in exhibitions, since 1991 solo exhibitions


1994 –2001; 2003-2004 using different medias from environment to video and installation

Since 1993
1998 - 2004  Different projects in Estonia (Lets talk about Men 1998; The Imaginary Book 1999; The Imagnary Museum 2000; 2001; The Modern Classic 2002; Happy 2004; 2005; 2006 a. Project of Estonian Association of Painting Artists *Pure Paintingl* Jõhvi Hall 2007.a. Project of Estonian Society of Graphic Designers *Register 2007* Tallinna ART Hall Gallery (KU galerii)

1993  ”Pepsie”, Theatre “Endla”, Pärnu
1993 “Kured läinud, kurjad ilmad” (Estonian biographes), Estonian Drama Theatre, Tallinn


1993  Tallinn Art Hall prize “Noise”
1993 Channel of Art, annual prize
1994  Ministry of Culture of the Estonian Republic, grant
1999  Estonian Artists´ Association, the special prize of the annual exhibition
1999 Estonian National Culture Foundation, grant
2004  Estonian Cultural Foundation, grant
2004  Foundation Eesti Kultuurkapital, grant


1999; 2000; 2002; 2003 Estonian Book Art Competitions
             “25 Best Designed Book”, Diplomas
1999; 2000 prize of Book Art Competitions UPM-Kymmene (of the 3 Baltic Republics)

1992   installation & paintings MUU Gallery, Helsinki, Finland
1993   ”Conversations”, VAAL Gallery, Tallinn, Est
1993   Action-Paintings-Lights IN TUNNEL OF  Vabaduse SQUARE in Tallinn
1993   Objects-Action and Paintings, Bornholm, Danish
1995   “Cultural Sushi” Towngallery, Tallinn (environment)
1996  “Women. Artist” Rüütli Gallery, Tartu (paintings & environment)
 “Estonian Landscapes” Paintings. Estonian House in Chicago, USA
1999  “Manifest. Estonian landscape: Body” 5 installations at House of Art, Tartu
2001  “Estonian Landscape. Behind the pile of Wood” installation Vol. II,
            CDH,  Moskva, Russia       
2001-2002    “Some Stories”   Vaal Gallery, Tallinn 
2002  “Est Landscape” Paintings. The Museum of Saaremaa, Kuressaare
2003  Paintings, G-Gallery, Tallinn
2003  “Estonian Landscape” Paitings. Gallery Haus & U-Bank of Estonia
2003 Paintings, Museum of Art, Viinistu, Estonia
2003 The early 80s, Installation, Haus Gallery, Estonia
2003 REAL STUFF paitings, Vaal Gallery
2006 näitus 24h gallery – ‘Eesti maastik. Hirvepargi savitee pärast vihma’
2006  Paintings 1993-2000 ETV Hommikustuudios, ETV 2006
2007  RIIGIKOGU  NÄITUSESAAL Toompea Lossis – ‘Estonian landscape –
2007  “Laste maalilm. Laulupidu”  Paintings, Arhitektuuri ja disaini Gallery
2007 ‘Plain Air’ Haus Gallery
2008 Draakon Gallery “Adam, Eva & Angela”

1987  Rühm T (Group T) 2. exhibition, Tallinn
1988  Rühm T (Group T) 3. exhibition, Tallinn
Since 1988 - 2003  participated in annual exhibitions in Estonia
1988  Triennial of Baltic art students, Vilnius, Lithuania
1989  Abstraction and figuration in Estonian Art, The Estonian Museum of Art
1991  Baltic Gallery in Le Tréport´, Francia
1992  Paintings, Turu, Finland
1992  Group S & K  ART MIX 2. exhibition, Tallinn
1993  “MYRA” paitings.Tallinn Art Hall
1994  “Shop Harju 13” environment. Tallinn Town Gallery
1994 EST. FEM., light environment.  Tallinn
1995  Soros-Centre of contemporary art, 3. “Biotopia”, Video installation. Tallinn Art Hall
1996  “Nordic romantic”, Paintings. Kriefeld, Germany
1996   4. Festival FRANCO – BALTE D`Art VIDEO, Vilnius, Lithuania
1996  OUT, mobilgallery, videoinstallation. Tunnel of Vabaduse square in Tallinn
1996  “Conversations of Things”, installation. The Estonian Museum of Art
1996  Soros-Centre of contemporary art, 4. “Estonia as Sign“ project of media
          (Newspapers Eesti Ekspress &   Eesti Aeg)  “Estonian Women”:
1996  International Triennial of Baltic Paining , Vilnius, Lithuania
1996 Curatorial project in annual exhibition of Estonian Painting Artists Union  Rottermann*s Salt Storage, Estonian Museum of Art
1996 Festival Dionysia 99, videoinsallation. Tehis-id
1999  “Eros” Estonian erotic Art, videoproject “Babe presents: Lugu: M & E””, video.
           Tallinn Art Hall
1999   Akvaarium”, project of Estonian Sculptors´Union, “Blond presents:” CV 86-99””,
           installation. Rottermann’s  Salt  Storage, Estonian Museum of Art
1999  ”Babe presents:”He drinks...” annual exhibitions in Estonian Painting Artists Union
1999 100 Estonian Artists, The Estonian Museum of Art
2000  “Naturalism in Art”, installatsion, Gallery of Tallinn Art Hall
2001    “REALISM” annual exhibitions of Estonian Art, paitings, curator Ando Keskküla, Art Hall
2001   Salon “CDH-2oo1”: “Estonian Landscape. Behind the pile of Wood”
           Site-specific project: audio- & woodinstallation) Vol. II,  CDH,  Moskva, Russia
2002  “The Real abstractionism”, curator Jaan Elken; Tartu Art House 
2002  “Sõltuvussõltumatus” (Addiction/Independence) annual exhibitions of Estonian Art, curator 
           Jaan Toomik;  Tallinn Art Hall
2003   “Abstractionism & Women” Tartu Art House
2004   “Here and Now”. Videoinstallation & performance “Estonian Landscape. 15860 Steps” 
           Tartu Art House
2004   Video documentary “Estonian Man, Estonian Landscape”  Tartu Art House
2004   the XIIth Vilnius Painting  Trienniale, Center of Contemporary art, Vilnius, Lithuania
2004  Viinistu 2004, videoinsallation “Patethic Dance”, curators Jaan Toomik & Paul Rodgers
2004  Gallery Open Space in Berlin, video ”Come on Baby Ligth My Fire” I-2003; II-2004, (29.
           nov. 2004.) Berlin, Germany
2005  “Identity” Annual exibition of Estonian Art, curator H. Liivrand, Tallinn Art Hall
2005  “Eesti Päevaleht (Estonian Dailypaper) 100” Vaal Gallery, Tallinn
2005 Tartu Art House –
2005 NEW-DELHI, India - Soome-Ungari-Eesti graphics
2005 KUMU – ‘Kogutud kriisid 2. Eesti Kunst 1990
2005 Pegasus – Collection of M Gallery
2005 Tartu Kunstimaja “XXL”

 The Art Museum of Estonia; The Found of the Estonian Culture; The Baltic Gallery in Le Tréport´,  
 France; Private collection of Signe and Guido Sammelselg, Matti Milius, Rene Kuulman and other   
 private collections in Estonia, Finland,  Denmark, France, Germany and USA.

1993 The young Art of Estonia. Director Peeter Brambat, editor Marina Mälk, ETV 1993
2001 Happy birthday, Tiina Tammetalu!  Director Tiina Kolk, TV 1 2001
2006 nov-dets:  Paintings 1993-2000 ETV Hommikustuudios, ETV 2006

KOGUMIK: Eesti Kunst 3,  Kaasaegse Kunsti Kesti Keskus, Tallinn  2008
(Cataloque: Estonian ART 3, Center of Contemporary Art of Estonia, Tallinn, 2008)