KRISTEL SAAN and STEN SAARITS will open their co-exhibition Zero G Tonic in Hobusepea gallery at 6pm on Wednesday, August 8th, 2018.

Present exhibition with a cryptic title began during the artists' joint residence in Endla marsh. With the help of the video and sound materials that the artists filmed and recorded there, Saan and Saarits have created a spatial installation in the gallery – namely, an environment where the focus lies on the lack of gravitation. Current exhibition recreates and offers landscape experience through various senses. The artists are both inspired by their interest towards the interrelations between body and environment as well as the various possibilities related to material perception.

Kristel Saan and Sten Saarits: „Absorption of a cognitive environment is limited by information processing - the context exists, but the details are still rendering their fully-fledged three-dimensional presence. The intertwining of parallel environments and narratives is in process. In the background there are intersecting timelines that are still being analyzed.. The perceptible is the depletion and regeneration of details and the implications behind signifiers in a new language, where the experienced landscape and it’s semiotic interpretation have fused into one. Contrasts are emphasized and as a result the whole will eventually thin out itself to a shift in the previously known reality. The Internet has zero gravity.. Communication language consists of shapes and figurative models that are feasible to experience when dispersed successfully. Situational error analysis is an ongoing process. The more realistic the landscape around us will become the more successful becomes the depiction of it. We are almost there..”.

Kristel Saan (1985) has obtained BA and MA degree in the department of ceramics in the faculty of design at the Estonian Academy of Arts. She has additionally studied in the faculty of fine arts in Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London; took courses in the department of visual arts at Emily Carr University of Art and Design and Rhode Island School of Design (USA). Saan's work has been exhibited in various galleries and museums both in Estonia and abroad. Kristel Saan's mainly studies the relationship between the digital and the corporeality in her work. The array of her expressive means is extensive – including for instance ceramic handicraft and installation art. She is also working as an artist in Hollywood film industry.

Sten Saarits (1987) has obtained BA degree in the department of installation and MA degree in the department of new media at the Estonian Academy of Arts. He has also studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and taken part in several international workshops. Saarits has been twice awarded the Young Sculptor's Prize; he has also received Eduard Viiralt Grant and in 2018 he was awarded the Young Artist's Prize of the Estonian Academy of Arts. Saarits mainly expresses himself through sound and installation art. He is mainly intrigued by the following subjects: individual's relationship with materiality, positioning oneself in space and in the chain of events.

Exhibition in Hobusepea gallery will be open until September 2nd, 2018.

Supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia and Espak Ltd.

Exhibitions in Hobusepea gallery are supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia and Estonian Ministry of Culture.

b 1985, Tallinn

2012 - 2015   Estonian Academy of Arts, MFA
2014            Rhode Island School of Design, Ceramics
2013            Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Visual Arts
2011            Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, Fine Arts
2008 - 2012   Estonian Academy of Arts, BA Ceramic design
2003 - 2007   University of Tartu, BA Law

2018 - “Zero G Tonic” with Sten Saarits, Hobusepea Gallery, Tallinn Estonia
2018 - “I Cloud” Stella Soomlais Studio, Tallinn Estonia
2018 - “I Ate Emptiness Also” Vaal Gallery, Tallinn Estonia
2016 - “Organically Grown” Artishok Biennale, Theatre NO99, Tallinn Estonia
2015 - “My rising sign is Dancer” EKA Gallery, Tallinn Estonia
2014 - “Domestic Altar EGO” HOP Gallery, Tallinn Estonia
2013 - “Sunbed” HOP Gallery, Tallinn Estonia
2013 - “There were some, but there was no-one” with Evelin Saul, Vabaduse Gallery, Tallinn
2012 - “Sunbed” XL Art Space, Helsinki Finland

2018 - “TAVA18” Tartu Light Festival, Tartu Estonia
2018 - “Everyday Witchcraft” Kogo Gallery, Tartu Estonia
2017 - “Dead Man Skis” Vaal Gallery, Tallinn Estonia
2017 - “X.perience” In De Ruimte, Gent Belgium
2016 - “An Honest Mimic” FIELD Contemporary, Vancouver Canada
2016 - “Idealists” Tallinn Art Hall, Tallinn Estonia
2015 - “The New Flesh” VIVO Media Arts Centre, Vancouver Canada
2015 - “TASE’15” Kotzebue Building, Tallinn Estonia
2015 - “Antics” The James Black Gallery, Vancouver Canada
2015 - “Considering Heterotopias” ECUAD Concourse Gallery, Vancouver Canada
2015 - “Untitled” Astro Turf Gallery opening show, Vancouver Canada
2014 - “The Visitor Vegetable” Skylight Gallery, Vancouver Canada
2014 - “Open Borders” EKA Gallery, Tallinn Estonia
2014 - “Estonia in Details” European Ceramic Context satellite at Sandvig Radstue Gallery,
           Copenhagen DK
2014 - “Transparent Kiln” International Ceramic Research Centre - Guldagergaard, Denmark
2014 - “Watery World” London Canal Museum, London UK
2014 - “Size Doesn’t Matter?” Design- and Architecture Gallery, Tallinn Estonia
2014 - “Size Doesn’t Matter?” Design Flanders Gallery, Brussels Belgium
2014 - “Just KILn me” Sol Koeffler Gallery, Providence RI, USA
2013 - “Mud and Instincts” Haapsalu City Gallery, Haapsalu Estonia
2013 - “Cymbals” Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, Tallinn Estonia
2013 - „Pretty things to look at” Ayden Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
2013 - „FUCK” Hot Art Wet City Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
2012 - „Modenschau Alexandra Börner & Cristoph Beyer” Performance, Halle Saale Germany
2012 - „RAUMinbetrieb” Artfestival, Halle Saale Germany
2012 - „The Voice of Drawing” IV Tallinn Drawing Triennial: DIALOGUE Kullo Gallery, Tallinn
2012 - “Large vase” Tartu Art Museum, Tartu Estonia
2011 - “Art by Candle-light” London Canal Museum exhibition Museums at Night, London UK
2011 - “Red in process” Charing Cross Viewing Theatre, London United Kingdom
2011 - Central Saint Martins spring exhibition, London United Kingdom
2010 - „Design Het” Budapest Design Week exhibition „EST_HU”, Budapest Hungary.
2010 - “Just Born” Estonian Young Artist Union exhibition T-Gallery, Tallinn Estonia
2010 - „AWAY” Estonian Ceramist Union annual exhibition Draakon Gallery, Tallinn Estonia

2014 - “The Visitor Vegetable” Skylight Gallery, Vancouver Canada

2018 “I Ate Emptiness Also” Sound performance with Sten Saarits, Tallinn Estonia
2015 “Drunk Dial” Media Club, Vancouver Canada
2015 “Poetry Slam” Culture Dust Festival, Tallinn Estonia


b 1987, Tallinn

2015 - 2018   Estonian Academy of Arts / New Media Arts MA
2011 - 2015   Estonian Academy of Arts / Installation and Sculpture BA
2013 - 2014   Academy of Fine Arts Vienna / Expanded Pictorial Space Action / Kunst mit
                    erweiterter malerischer Raum-Aktion, Skulptur, Installation im öffentlichen
                    Raum / Erasmus exchange studies
2018 - Zero G Tonic (with Kristel Saan) (Hobusepea Gallery, Tallinn)
2016 - Spotlights / V Artishok Biennale (Theatre NO99, Tallinn)
2015 - Stuff (Hobusepea Gallery, Tallinn)
2015 - My Eyes Are Going Crazy, I Am Trying To See Something But There’s Nothing Here
          (with Erika Stöckel (SE)) (Haapsalu City Gallery, Estonia)
2014 - Phototactic Night Life (Trailer Gallery, Umeå, Sweden)
2018 - Tase ‘18 / Master diploma works’ exhibition (Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn)
2017 - SSSSIV: Coil (with Sven Sosnitski) (Üle Heli Festival 2017, Loewenschede Tower,
2017 - 5x4 - Participatory sound installation (City Festival UIT 2017, Maarja church, Tartu)
2017 - Easy Access (Tallinn Music Week festival. Telliskivi, Tallinn)
2016 - SSSSIV (Supersonicum, Viljandi, Estonia)
2016 - Terra Incognita: Familiar Infinity (KUMU / Art Museum of Estonia, Tallinn)
2015 - TL;DR (Art Hall Gallery, Tallinn)
2015 - SSSSIII (with Sven Sosnitski) (Estonian Academy of Arts Gallery, Tallinn)
2015 - Tase ‘15 / Master diploma works’ exhibition (Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn)
2014 - Open(ed) Borders / Ava(tud) piirid (Estonian Academy of Arts Gallery, Tallinn)
2014 - The Homunculus Collection (Hobusepea Gallery, Tallinn)
2014 - Solipsism - No More (ISFAG, Tallinn)
2014 - Ladyland Biennale 2014 at Galerie Schloss Damtschach (Kärnter, Austria)
2014 - Side Effects II (Grenoble Ancient Museum and Library building, France)
2014 - Academy Season Finale / Rundgang (Semper Depot, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna,
2013 - Bite Vilnius (Sv.Jono Str. Gallery / Vilnius, Lithuania)
2013 - Young Sculptor´s Prize Show „Dimensions Variable” (Grand Prix winner) (Vaal
           Gallery, Tallinn)
2013 - Global Container XXVI (Polymer Culture Factory, Tallinn)
2012 - cUMULATION / kUMULATSIOON (KUMU / Art Museum of Estonia, Tallinn)
2012 - New Objecthood / Uutmoodi asjastamatus (Tartu Art House / Tartu kunstimaja,
2012 - Re-reinventing (with: Anna-Liisa Rajamart, Nora Särak, Aili-maarja Mäeniit, Ricardo
           Basbaum / Raja Gallery, Tallinn)
2012 - Perfect Forest / Perfektne mets (EKKM, Tallinn)
2012 - Host Guest Ghost #4 (Dansens Hus, Copenhagen, Denmark)
2018 Young Artist’s Prize of Faculty of Fine Arts of Estonian Academy of Arts (MA)
2014 Eduard Wiiralt scholarship / Estonian Ministry of Culture
2013 Young Sculptor Prize / Estonian Academy of Arts Department for Installation and
2012 Young Sculptor Prize / Estonian Academy of Arts Department for Installation and Sculpture

2018 - Sound performance at the exhibition “I Ate Emptiness Also” with Kristel Saan (Vaal
           gallery, Tallinn)
2017 - SSSS live at Üle Heli Festival 2017 (MIMStuudio, Tallinn)
2016 - SSSS live at Noisy November vol.3 (Supersonicum, Viljandi)
2016 - SSSS at “Terra Incognita: Familiar Infinity” finissage (KUMU / Art Museum of
           Estonia, Tallinn)
2016 - SSSSIV Live (Supersonicum, Viljandi, Estonia)

2016 - Production Assistant for “Michael Portnoy: Relational Stalinism – The Musical” at the
           Witte de With, Center for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam.
2017 Arctitsch Bliss - Lapi ülikool (Rovaniemi, Soome) / Dama kiirkursus (Tomi Knuutila,
        Joaquin Contreras)
2016 The Singing Body - Islandi Kunstiakadeemia / Nordplus/DAMA (Melkorka Sigríður,
        Rúnar Hlöðversson)
2013 TOFONORCH - Malmö Kunstiakadeemia / Kuno (Michale Portnoy, Ieva Miseviciute)
2013 Nordic Baltic Art School in Venice / KUNO Suvekool
2013 Electric Protesters - Gallery Školska 28, Praha, Tšehhi (Stefanie Wuschitz)
2013 Over the Fence Finse – A Spatial Laboratory in the Snow - Bergeni Kunsti- ja
        disainiakadeemia / KUNO 2013 Ajamasinad - Eesti Kunstiakadeemia (Jacob Jessen)
2012 Sotsiaalne sekkumine - Eesti Kunstiakadeemia / KUNO kiirkursus (Ólafur Gíslason)
2012 Art Lab - Taani Kuninglik Kunstiakadeemia / Kuno kiirkursus (Ricardo Basbaum)
2012 SPAATIUM. Taani kaasaegne kunst / KUMU (Marie Kølbæk Iversen)

Since 2014    Estonian Artists’ Association

2016            4D Installatsioon / Eesti Kunstiakadeemia Disainiteaduskond
2017            Installatsioon / Eesti Kunstiakadeemia Disainiteaduskond