JAN LÜTJOHANN (1987) and UKU SEPSIVART (1988) will open their co-exhibition a little bit, every day in Hobusepea gallery at 5.30pm on Wednesday, February 7, 2018.

A shared element in the exhibition is our affection towards working by hand. Together they are thinking about making as a process somewhere between wearing out a benchtop and spontaneous accumulation of material. 

How rare it is to wake up in the morning and not know what to do.
Working and working are not the same.

Every time a tool is used it becomes immeasurably smaller.
Every time it rains the cracks in a mountain become immeasurably larger.

Craving for carving.
Is it some force that is similar to the one that slowly makes the mountains rise or gently lets the continents drift?

Who is allowed to make noise or a mess in their apartment?
Without a garden, backyard, shed, garage or basement, the fingers grow restless.

Jan Lütjohann is a German sculptor and educator who lives and works in Finland. In the exhibition he is looking at the possibilities inherent in hand tools and limited means. The sculptures are an outcome of his interest in low, rural and pre-industrial workbenches that have been used both for working and social interaction. He is employing elements of this tradition in order to create a productive as well a social potential.

Uku Sepsivart compares the need to work by hand to a natural process. He is observing the seemingly simplistic activities of animals and is trying to integrate similar lightness to his own working process. While working with this mindset and trying to find both perfect pace and conditions, he is contemplating on what would happen if one would leave human civilization.


Exhibition will be opened until February 26, 2018.

Thank you: Tours n Cars OÜ, Paulon Säätio, Liina Siib, Evelyn Müürsepp-Grzinich, John Grzinich, Nils-Naatan Kaivo, Henna Jula, Marko Sepsivart, Hanna Piksarv.

Exhibition is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

Exhibitions in Hobusepea gallery are supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia and Estonian Ministry of Culture.