A Womans True Power

This art project uses various media in order to achieve its goal - to return Love to its central place in society. Over the past 100 years the social system has changed rapidly, and now people are nothing but small bolts in industrial and post-industrial societies and they do not need to think and understand why they exist.

Not too long ago, society dictated that a woman be demure, passive, and obedient. That has entirely changed in most 21st century industrial and post-industrial societies. Now there are new rules, and the system today dictates that a woman should be aggressive, overly sexual, bitchy, and be ready to hunt her mate and use him for pleasure or in whatever way she sees fit. Previously, males competed to win a womans heart. Today, however, the situation is almost the complete opposite. Women have taken the reins in their own hands.

Many women now think that the best way to win a man is through sex. The mass media, especially glossy magazines that are the new Bible for young women, are often screaming, "Be a bitch, otherwise you will be left behind and get trampled."

Female domination during mating rituals does not allow the male to show his masculinity, and this only deprives the woman of what is most basic and desirable - his Love. Indeed, we are speaking about Love with a capital "L", when he desires her not as a sexual object but when he truly worships her as a goddess.

These new social rules and norms that are restricting a womans freedom is in large part devised and sanctioned by men in the political, cultural, and social Establishment. A woman is now obliged to run the rat-race and to be first, be sexy, be stylish, and to change with every new fashion. Thus, we see women today who spend large amounts of money on new clothes for each season, buying cosmetics, making health and cosmetic operations that are often unnecessary, and also trying to stay in shape not necessarily to be in good health but in order to be competitive with other women. Just think of how often other women check out other women, scrutinizing them from head to foot.

The spiritual connection between a man and a woman is being undermined, and its almost impossible for it to take root in the current social and psychological conditions. We are increasingly told that Love is nothing more than a hormonal reaction; or that peoples immune systems are complementary, hence they mate. Is this truly the essence of a relationship between a man and a woman? I think not.

Fine, women can now dominate and compete with men. But Paris, probably the most romantic city in the world, is now a city of single people. "A Womans True Power" is taking place in Tallinn because western capitals are not yet mature enough to face the truth and have an honest discussion.

This exhibition will try to warn Estonian women that they dont need to blindly and uncritically copy everything from Europe and America, where money is now the main force in society, and where people are only valued by the size of their wallet, and where a women is esteemed for her aggressive behavior, whether that be sexual appeal or bitchiness.

Genuine female power is in her wisdom, and her ability to be woman, despite what the glossy fashion magazines try to dictate. Eastern-European women happen to leave their homeland thinking that they will find a better life "there" with a man. However, men in western societies cannot find a common language with their own women. How could they possibly understand a woman from the other side of Europe? Western men have already been raised with different fairy tales, and in these fairy tales its the Prince who slays the dragon and rescues Princess from danger.

Irina Bellayè