Exhibition ”The Spirit of Time”


Opening 16.11.2023 at 17.00!
16.11.23 – 13.01.24

Everybody is probably beginning to realise that one era, one civilisation is about to end, and some still significant phenomena of today are quickly disappearing into the dustbin of history. People’s consciousness is also opening up, expanding. The new man sees the world as more compact, everything is connected with everything else. The new man knows that honesty, goodness and compassion are keys to wellbeing, health and happiness. Great changes are taking place in painting as well. The new, as always, comes through the back door, from aside, from above, from below. And then it has arrived and all changes. Instagram is one such back door. Kindred spirits can easily find one another, new friends, schools spring up as if by themselves. Some elitist journals and galleries no longer control the development of the art (of painting). 

An important change that has already happened is that naive art, which only yesterday seemed a joke, and which is actually the foundation of all peoples of nature, is now finding synthesis with philosophy, modern architecture, design and art. In the same way, quantum physics tries to connect with contemporary physics.
Our exhibitions in Kadriorg Plaza have introduced this phenomenon as Neonaivism. Why is this childishness so significant? Because the spiritual world is essentially childish. American Indians say that spirits communicate in the language of children. Mother Earth is supposed to have the mind of a 12-year-old. The spirits do not understand too „clever” talking. This is why the intellectuals are so lonely and unhappy. They consider their intellect as divine, and higher powers cannot thus help them. The rites, songs, dances of religions of different countries are awesome in their childishness, including in Christianity.  

In ancient times, painting was part of sacral architecture. Icons, stained glass, paintings and symbols on vaults etc. were connected with architectural geometry, thus creating a mystical gate into the beyond and to the higher powers. Kadriorg Plaza architecture is in fact sacral. The building covers a triangular plot, its centre constitutes a large circular atrium, with a plant-covered wall and cupolas of various sizes in the ceiling.

The pictures can be seen on four floors on the balconies around the atrium, and in square balcony spaces behind the plant-covered lift tower. People who have visited our exhibitions have felt a strong energy and a sense of happiness – the result of art and architecture coming together. 

This sense is also emphasised by expressions of a simple life: a posh hairdresser’s behind a large glass wall, someone practicing yoga behind glass doors, ping-pong table, evening sun peeping in through some glass doors. The essence of the gallery was well captured by Mait Vaik in his wonderful film „Le Soleil De Ma Vie“. The circle together with art has created a mandala, reflecting divine power. 

The exhibition „The Spirit of the Time” is a continuation of earlier exhibitions Park 1-3 and Neonaivism. Participants are largely the same too. Besides well-known masters such as Kaido Ole, Marko Mäetamm, Siim-Tanel Annus and August Künnapu, there are some younger artists, Johanna Mudist, Anna Kõuhkna, Anu Muiste, Rait Rosin, Qba, Liisa Kruusmägi etc. Tartu is represented by „witch-artists” Kairo, Maria Evestus and Ingmar Roomets. For the second time, Dagne Ventina has arrived from Latvia, an extremely pure and energetic artist. All participants are characterised by a kind of spiritualism, sensitivity and a connection with the spirit of the world. We see honest self-observation (Ole), paintings showing the psychology of mice and bears (Mäetamm), becoming one with clumps of earth and lawn (Kairo) and serious naivism with pendulums, clocks, bears and mushrooms (Evestus). The young artist Alberto Künnapu is exhibiting a sincere ufo-picture.
The new trend in painting is best in accord with what is happening in music – for example in the work of Kristjan Järvi and Mari Kalkun.

Vilen Künnapu

Exhibition curator: Vilen Künnapu
Exhibition design: Tiiu Rebane, Karl-Kristjan Nagel
Exhibition poster: Tiiu Rebane  

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