Al Paldrok's solo exhibition "Human Zoo" and Non Grata performance "The Voice of the Four Elements and Climate Change" in Bogota, Colombia


On April 10, Al Paldrok's solo exhibition "Human Zoo" opened in Bogotá, Colombia, as part of the 16th Bogota AVD Festival, at the Will House gallery next to the National Museum. At the opening, the Non Grata performance "The Voice of the Four Elements and Climate Change" was performed by Anonymous Boh, Taje Devilgirl, Stenver Kööp and Danii Uusoja.

The exhibition "Human Zoo" exhibits performance videos, installations, and screen-printed graphic series "Parallel Universe" and "Human Zoo".

The title piece of the exhibition is based on the action art act "Human Zoo" of the American tour of Non Grata; On Ocean Drive in Miami Beach - Miami Art Basel with AnarkoArtLab from New York, which ran through the city in front of the Miami Art Basel Convention Center. In 1963, the Bronx Zoo in New York had a mirror at the entrance that said, "You are looking at the most dangerous animal in the world." The graphic series is screen printed in January 2024 at Fatherless Screen Printing Studio in Rockford, Illinois. In addition to graphic series, the exhibition also exhibits installations and videos of action art actions.

The curator of the festival and exhibition is Colombian Tzitzi Barrantes.

The exhibition in Bogota will remain open until April 20.

Supported by Cultural Endowment of Estonia. 
Al Paldrok 6-Month Creative Fellowship 2024.


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