The fifth episode of "5 GESTURES TOWARDS…": Marta Vaarik and Gregor Kulla


5 GESTURES TOWARDS was born out of an on-going dialogue with fellow artist resulting in realisation that:

- local performing arts scene needs a space for experimentation and alternative formats supporting works not focusing on an end result and the delivery of a ready made product
- 80% of immaterial labour of the artist focusing on producing a performance end up in the note books, smoking rooms and the heads of the authors and collaborators, never seeing the light of the day
- each art medium is rarely meeting any other mediums and its practitioners; we are all living living in our uniquely crafted bubbles and hardly get out of our niches
- as an art institution and a production house wants to host daring and experimental projects challenging the norms of our society and the world at large, resulting in a more kind, open, caring, risk taking, open-minded and non-violent world

Two artist with their unique methods of work will meet for the first time in Together in space they will spend ten days, actively engaging in a dialogue. The two have never worked with each other before nor they are familiar with each other’s practices. They will be joined by a dramaturge who will not have a personal ambition but will be there to help shape the cognitive and sensorial experience of the guests or spectators.

By the end of the ten day journey elektron together with the participants of 5 GESTURES TOWARDS… will host an open studio event which might take any shape, format and might occur as any medium. This is where you come in as elektron will invite you to experience a one-time only situation, constellation, incident or event.

The fifth episode of 5 GESTURES TOWARDS… is by Marta Vaarik and Gregor Kulla.
Save the date for the open studio: 13th of June at kunstisaal.

Stay tuned to witness the process, show your support by visiting the event.

Gesture as a performative bodily expression of an idea; it can be poetic, it can be ephemeral, it can be physical or manifest as an object.
The beauty of the series is that nobody knows until we all meet in in one space at the same time.
A gesture is a kind invitation towards a conversation in whichever way it might occur.
The title contains a continuation in a shape of three dots because who better than the artists themselves can propose the theme that they resonate with. So each episode will carry a unique name or the title instead of the dots :))

* is taking full responsibility of the experimental series of 5 GESTURES TOWARDS…and is stating that even an unpredictable outcome is a successful outcome in terms of impacting the world and enriching our daily lives.
The beauty is in the eyes of the viewer. Do you agree?

Supported by Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Tallinn City and Ministry of Culture

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