Cultural programme OP!

In January 2014, the cultural programme OP!, which had so far provided coverage of several areas of culture, was divided into three new themed programmes in order to provide more comprehensive content than just a news format. During one season, the themed programmes OP! art, OP! film and OP! theatre were broadcast in addition to the Ministry of Literature. In addition to current events, the programmes highlighted details, trends and problem areas. There was more room for discussion and exchanging ideas.
The first OP! art was broadcast on 14 January 2014. The art programme’s season was produced in collaboration with the Estonian Artists' Association. Kaido Ole was the host for the first six months, while Marko Mäetamm hosted the rest of the year. The Artists' Association invited Anneli Porri as a consultant on the show.
Altogether 13 episodes were made in collaboration, and the last OP! art aired on 7 April 2015. All of the programmes can be viewed in the ERR online archive.
Hosts Kaido Ole (2014), Marko Mäetamm (2015)
Researchers Mariina Mälk (2014–2015) and Reet Weidebaum (2014)
Director Antti Häkli
Consultant Anneli Porri
OP! theme music by Timo Steiner
Producer Mariina Mälk
Editor Maarek Toompere
Sound Director Rein Fuks
Lighting Indrek Laas
Operator Meelis Kadastik
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