Sten Saarits “Conversing in Absentia”


At Vent Space project space 05.10–14.10.2020
Opening on 04.10 at 18.00
The exhibition "Conversing in Absentia" will present three new installations by audio-visual artist Sten Saarits. The works can be seen as micro-landscapes or externalized thought spaces of how small details of the everyday can shine in a new light during the time of crisis.
The exhibition shows objects familiar from the streets being rearranged, rebuilt and repurposed to act as visual cues or anchors addressing the inconsistent and incoherent projections of future. The gallery itself is situated in one of the basement rooms in Tallinn Art Hall – an underground setting that wants to reverberate the cultural narratives and meanings of whatever less obscure might lie above.
The still, inanimate urban structures presented in the dimly lit gallery act as a stage for sound and video projections that deliver an optimistic flux into the space. Consistent promising resonance and motion without any desired outcome. Narratives resisting progress in time. When the arrival of the new is too unfamiliar, unstable and unknown – perhaps the wait is as good as it gets?
Sten Saarits (b. 1987) is an Estonian sound, video and installation artist. Sten graduated masters at the New Media Arts department at the Estonian Academy of Arts, a department
focused on sound art studies. Previously he has studied installation and sculpture at the Estonian Academy of Arts and sound art, performance and filmmaking at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.
Artist thanks: Egle Ehtjen, Erko Ever, Ian Simon Märjama, Kalev Saage, Kristjan Koskor, Madli Ehasalu, Madli Kadakas, Markus Tiitus, Mart Joost, Martin Loik, Natalia Wójcik, Tarvo Varres, Tiina Vändre, Toomas Porro (AS Viljandi Veevärk)
The exhibition is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia
Additional information:
Vent Space Project Space
Vabaduse väljak 6/8, 10146 Tallinn, Harju County
Opening hours: 13.00–18.00
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