Pärnu-Tartu-Pärnu Art Express at the Tartu Art House


On Friday, 12 April at 5 p.m., three new group exhibitions will open in the three galleries of the Tartu Art House as part of the art project “Pärnu-Tartu-Pärnu Art Express”: “Peculiarities of South-West Estonian Anarchism” in the large gallery, “WOMAN&WOMAN: The art of Survival” in the small gallery and “MAN&MAN: The art of Survival” in the monumental gallery.

The cooperative project of the Tartu Art House and Pärnu City Gallery “Pärnu-Tartu-Pärnu Art Express” brings together the art of two Estonian cities that are distant in space but close in terms of art. The aim of the project is to diversify the cultural life of the two cities with an exhibition exchange programme.

The group exhibition “Peculiarities of South-West Estonian Anarchism” (curator: Janno Bergmann ) introduces the work of artists with some connection to the city of Pärnu, from the late 90s to the present day through photo and video documentation. The focus is mainly on performance and installation. The exhibition does not attempt to chronologically cover all of the manifestations of south-west Estonian anarchism, nor does it place them in a hierarchical system or order. Arbitrary choices have been made based on the principles of exciting art and descent from the fertile soil of south-west Estonian anarchism. The exhibition consists of nearly 100 photo documentaries and 50 video documentaries, and includes a selection of physical art objects from participating artists. Billeneeve, Ville-Karel Viirelaid, Andrus Joonas, Tanel Saar, Siram, Sorge, Rauno Teider, Janno Bergmann, Cnopt, Art Container, Rubens and Tsirkus-Kunst-Teater “Põleva Kaelaga Kirjak” will participate in the exhibition.

The exhibition “MAN&MAN: The art of Survival” (curator: Jan Leo Grau) in the monumental gallery and “WOMAN&WOMAN: The art of Survival” (curator: Marian Grau) in the small gallery focus on the positions of men and women in today’s society. This exhibition format was part of the Pärnu Art Summer programme for five years.

“WOMAN&WOMAN: The art of Survival” introduced the works of five female artists who, either directly or indirectly, deal with various strategies for surviving as a woman. Jill Peters, Mare Tralla, Valeria Vavoom, Lilia Li Mi Yan and Sandra Jõgeva will participate in the exhibition.

“MAN&MAN: The art of Survival” seeks to expand the conventional understanding of masculinity by deconstructing history and defining the modern man. Valdek Laur, Naro Pinosa, Alvaro Sola & Ivan Dumont,  Arne Svenson, David Williams and RASI + will participate in the exhibition.

The exhibition is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia, the city of Pärnu and Tartu 2024.
The exhibitions will remain open until 19 May.

“Pärnu-Tartu Art Express” is part of the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 additional programme.

Additional information:
Urmo Teekivi
Producer of Tartu Art House 
Tel: +372 511 0883
Tartu Art House (Vanemuise 26) is open Wed–Mon 12.00–18.00. Exhibitions are free.
Tartu Art House is supported by Tartu City and Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

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