I Λ I V I "Posteden"


POSTEDEN is a poetic spectacle, an emotional reflection of mundane situations. Clothing is seen as the material embodiment of post-Edenic spirit: illustrating dystopia and abstracting the body. The destiny of clothed bodies is to accept the unnatural situation as the new norm. The order that relieves the fear of the unknown is artificial. Clothing both conceals and uncovers the body and mind. Disdain and love express the longing for unity. The stable state of satisfaction is unachievable, feeding the yearning for change. The cycle of life is repeating, yet on the individual level, every recurrence is a new experience.

POSTEDEN is 4th episode in the series of performative fashion installations by Laivi, following “Mystifying Mundane” (27.10.18), “Long Live Trashed Bodies” (16.3.18) and “When I Was a Girl & Life Was Yet Ahead” (20.10.17). The series experiments with presenting materials as body- coverings both on and off the body. The atmosphere is created together with movement, light and sound.

Laivi is an artist working with different approaches to fashion, analysing clothing and methods of covering the body on aesthetic, functional and expressive levels. Her approach to surfaces and shapes is material-based and experimental. Laivi studied fashion design at the Estonian Academy of Arts (BA 2012) and Aalto University in Helsinki (MA 2017). She has also studied in London, Copenhagen and Barcelona. Since 2014 she has participated in numerous contemporary art exhibitions and has had several solo shows.

Performance is supported by The Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Hobusepea Gallery and Moe Distillery.
Tickets on presale at Piletilevi 8/12 EUR and at the door 10/15 EUR.…
Kanuti Guild Hall
Tel: +372 646 4704
Pikk 20, 10133 Tallinn
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