Benno & Beardsley "Once I Had..."


The exhibition’s title, "Once I Had..." refers to the transience of possession, convenience of over-consumption and other self-destructive implications of human behavior on the future of Earth.
Once I Had.. is a conceptual continuation of Britta Benno recent solo exhibition „Dystopic Tallinn“. In this project the apocalyptic landscape scenery is site-specifically depicted with the Mustamäe district’s panel houses, as they are located in the vicinity of the artist-run space Kraam.
Benno invited American artist Heather Beardsley to this project, as they met while during an artist residency in Vienna, where they were coincidentally both depicting dystopian landscapes. The works relate not only through imagery, but also materially and technically. There are many common links between the two artists: Benno and Beardsley both use nostalgic found objects, collage-like layering, printmaking and transfer methods, and inconvenient materials combinations. Benno draws, prints or animates water or fire on her dystopian landscapes, Beardsley sews or embroiders volumetric flora on top of photographic cityscapes.
**Image: Britta Benno "Düstoopiline Mustamägi", 3D visand
The exhibition and Kraam artis-run space is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.
Additional info:
Kraam artist-run space
E-post: kraamspace [at]
Ülase 16 / Madara 22
K-R 16-19, L-P 12-18
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