The Social Committee reviews applications submitted by association members regarding the payment of medical treatment expenses, special support for members. It also approves jubilee support for association members of 75 years of age and over.
Committee members: Vano Allsalu, Elin Kard, Heinz Valk, Vilma Reinholm, Katrin Pere
The Creative Persons and Artistic Associations Act entered into force on 1 January 2005, and the purpose of this Act is to support cultural creativity and the preservation and development of the fine arts at professional level and to improve the necessary conditions and guarantees for the creative activity of creative individuals through artistic associations.
The Creative Persons and Artistic Associations Act is implemented in two-year cycles. Support for creative activities is paid to artists from the support allocated to the artistic association during the first year. The first year’s money is also used to cover the administrative costs of the support. The following year, the remaining sum is intended for the payment of grants for the creative activities of creative individuals and related in-service training.
The gradual increase of the sum paid as support for creative activities has brought about the equivalent decrease of the sum allocated for scholarships. Consequently, the EEA Committee on Support for Creative Activities and Scholarships decided that as of 2015, artists can apply for a scholarship to a specified extent.
The EEA Committee on Support for Creative Activities and Scholarships: Elin Kard (chairwoman), Vano Allsalu, Heie Treier, Kaire Rannik, Maria-Kristiina Soomre (the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Estonia). Coordinator of the Creative Persons and Artistic Associations Act: Mari-Liis Tammi.
The Studio Committee approves tenant applications for studios in the buildings at 6 and 8 Vabaduse väljak. An advance application must be submitted to the Association to join the studio queue.
Stuido Committee members: Elin Kard, Vano Allsalu, Inga Heamägi, Mari Roosvalt and Tiiu Kirsipuu.
Artists who wish to use a studio at the ARS Art Factory or in the EAA building at 2 Hobusepea should contact the EAA service manager Indrek Köster.
An award and monetary prize named after Konrad Mägi has been awarded since 1979 by the Estonian Artists' Association, the Estonian Painters Association, and the visual and applied arts endowment of the Estonian Cultural Endowment. The committee has two representatives from the Estonian Painters Association, two representatives from the Cultural Endowment, and two representatives from the Association.
Hobusepea, Draakon, Hop, Vabaduse Gallery advisory board members: Jaan Elken, Maarin Ektermann, Pille Kaleviste, Kirke Kangro, Kadri Laas-Lepasepp, Kaire Rannik and Peeter Talvistu.
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