Estonian Artists' Association buildings
The Estonian Artists' Association (EAA) owns the following properties:
6 and 8 Vabaduse väljak
2 Hobusepea tänav
154 Pärnu maantee
Uuetalu farm, Nõmmküla (on the island of Muhu)
The rooms of Draakon Gallery at 18 Pikk tänav also belong to the EAA.
The buildings at 6 and 8 Vabaduse väljak have a total of 39 studios rented out to artists who are members of the EAA on the basis of a personal application and subsequent decision made by the studio committee.
In addition to artist studios and the offices of the artists' association, 6 Vabaduse väljak is also home to:
Vabaduse Gallery – exhibiting the work of mature artists
G-Galerii – an art supplies shop and long-term tenant
KUNST.EE (editorial offices) – Estonia’s premiere contemporary art magazine, which is supported by the association and has operated here since 2000
TT Arhitektuuribüroo OÜ – architecture bureau
Loominguline Kollektiiv OÜ – architecture bureau
Tuum – cafe (operated by Elu on kunst OÜ)
In November 2014, the gallery of the Estonian Academy of Arts, EKA Gallery, opened in the cellar, which is accessed from the inner courtyard of the building. However, on completion of the new art academy building this has been turned into a joint exhibition space for the fine art students and curatorial art history students at the academy and is known as Vent Space.
The gallery and exhibitions halls at 8 Vabaduse väljak or Tallinn Art Hall, as it is more commonly known, are undoubtedly the cornerstones of its public face and are operated by the Art Hall Foundation. The Tallinn Art Hall building also accommodates the Center for Contemporary Arts Estonia and the association’s visiting artist studio. On the ground floor there is Tuum cafe (formerly KuKu cafe), the legendary Graafikakoda (Print Workshop) in the rear wing, and in the cellar below that, Grafodroom, which was established by a group of young printmakers. The legendary KuKu Club operates in the cellar.
Lugemik, Estonia’s only bookshop specialising in cultural publications has been operating in the Art Hall foyer since January 2016.
Between 2016 and 2018 the EAA visitor studio has provided opportunities for a total of 36 foreign artists. It has also been used by numerous local artists preparing work for exhibitions and other projects. The most distant visitors have come from Australia and Canada.
The building at 2 Hobusepea tänav has 29 studios and workshops (including spaces for groups such as Gram, Õhuloss, Sinihabe, Kam and others) with more than 70 artists working there, some of whom have been making jewellery from precious metals for over 50 years. The very active artist collective organises a popular open studio event each year where visitors interested in jewellery and printmaking can take tours, enjoy concerts and also purchase jewellery and other design objects.
The building accommodates the following:
Hobusepea Gallery – a contemporary art gallery*
HOP Gallery – an applied art and design gallery*
A-Galerii – the largest shop in Estonia solely dedicated to jewellery
* Owned and run by the EAA
Other tenants include:
Õigusbüroo Ignatius – a law office that provides free legal advice to members of the artists association
Pille Lausmäe Sisearhitektuuribüroo OÜ – interior design bureau
Arhitektuuribüroo Studio Paralleel OÜ – architecture bureau
As of March 2019, the EAA has 97 rental agreements at the ARS Art Factory at 154 Pärnu maantee – over 90% of the tenants are artists, designers and creative enterprises. In spring 2019 there were 190 valid rental agreements in all the EAA buildings. At ARS and Hobusepea a single space is often used by many artists or creative enterprises, so the number of creative industry clients or occupants is more than two hundred.
Between 2016 and 2018, the EAA galleries hosted more than 200 exhibitions with 390 artists and curators taking part in solo and group shows. Over the three years the galleries had a total of 170,840 visitors.
Muhu Art Residency has been operating since autumn 2014 as an international cross-disciplinary creative residence open to all artists and a holiday centre. It is located in Nõmmküla, Muhu Municipality, Saaremaa County. The farm complex, which is under heritage protection, provides great facilities and is a superb platform for contemporary artists, historians, innovators and restorers. The centre welcomes both adults and children.
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