Maria Sidljarevitš's exhibition
"Enter the Void" exhibits Maria Sidljarevitš’s most recent artwork, which examines the ambiguity and unattainability of narratives and is inspired by the Japanese culture.   The oil paintings and ink drawings displayed at the exhibition are based on found vintage images that have been painted over, collaged or digitally manipulated. Maria’s artwork lies between the realms of reality and paranoia, metaphor and possibility. In her art practice, she examines the distance between meaning and interpretation and how such a distance eliminates definitions.  
The sixth international printmaking workshop for professional artists will take place on Muhu island Estonia. The event is organized by the Association of Estonian Printmakers. 20 invited artists from Estonia, Finland and Poland are participaiting. This years topic is "Prints conquer space".   In a world where the inability to cope with real life highly increases, we invite You to a trip into a two-dimensional space that` s filled with graphic imprints. The surroundings of Muhu island enable us to make a site-specific work of art; thus using the means of both our inner and outer world.  
Alina Bliumis, Amateur Big Cat Watching at Passport Control: Estonia and Tanja Muravskaja, Positions: Self-portrait
Where would you go if you wanted to see the centre of Europe? What are the traits of the average global citizen? What happens to our families when our political views are crossed? How can differences among us be re-defined in ways that enable resistance and creative activity for cultural change?   The “Narrating Against the Grain” exhibition features new commissions by Alina Bliumis and Tanja Muravskaja and will be open from 17 July until 6 September at Art Hall Gallery. The exhibition opening will take place on 16 July at 5 pm.  
Kristi Kongi “I see a glow from the seabed. It has no end, no beginning. And the color changes in every moment.”
On July 14th at 5pm KORDON Art Residency is opening the Container Gallery first time at Hiiumaa with Kristi Kongi installation “I see a glow from the seabed. It has no end, no beginning. And the color changes in every moment.”    Kristi Kongi: It is a site-specific painting installation created for Kärdla, Hiiumaa, for the Kordon Residency Container Gallery. The keywords for the installation were: time, movement of light, warm-cold light, shadows, darkness, a place. I was at the Kordon residency in November 2019.  The exhibition idea comes from November. From the darkest time of the year. For  planning the installation I started with mapping the area. I was watching how the light moved inside the sea. I observed the movement of darkness at the sea. I painted mind maps which are based on these movements.  
Ivar Kaasik's painting exhibition
Ivar Kaasik's painting exhibition Breaking Lights in Draakon gallery will be open from Tuesday, July 7th, 2020. The abstract paintings have been completed during the period of 2018-2020. Exhibition design has been completed by Andro Kööp. Exhibition will be open until August 1st.   Light seems to be white or transparent for our eyes. Physically, light is mostly perceived as warmth. In the process of diffraction either on the edge of glass or in the mirror, light becomes rainbow-coloured. In Kaasik's artwork, these diffractions have acquired fixed borders and specific form. Abstraction and hyperrealism can serve the same purpose – to direct the viewer to forgotten roads as well as open them up for new experiences. Minimalistic, simple spots of paint on the canvas remind of reflections of touch on the screen or the diffracted rays on the surface of various matters. With the brush and paint, Kaasik has created dynamics, lines and vibrations that will obtain special meaning only in the eyes of the viewer.  
Margus Lokk “Crossing the Blue Line”
Margus Lokk “Crossing the Blue Line”
03.07.2020 to 26.07.2020
On Friday, 3 July at 5 p.m. Margus Lokk will open his personal exhibition “Crossing the Blue Line” in the monumental gallery of the Tartu Art House.   Lokk shows his latest paintings that have been made specially for the exhibition.   The artist adds: “This might be freedom. I will not draw a red line. Everything take place in a blue glow. But too much blue can kill. Did I want this blue? I will remain polite. I would like to be a quiet observer but I make an involuntary scream. I just came across the Toome Hill.”   Margus Lokk (b 1979) has studied painting in the Tartu Art College and in the Painting Department of the University of Tartu. His previous exhibition in the Tartu Art House took place in 2014.   The exhibition will remain open until 26 July.  
Exhibition “Resemblance Through Contact. Grammar of Imprint”
The opening reception of the exhibition “Resemblance Through Contact. Grammar of Imprint” will take place at the Tartu Art House on Friday, 3 July at 5 pm.   The exhibition focuses on printmaking as a process that is cultivated through contacts between forms and counterforms (negative space), and by the tension produced by these interactions. We are not so much interested in specific images, proofs, shapes or manners as in printed matter’s ability to introduce the new space that emerges between matrix and multiplicity. We focus on forms, and their dissemination through various statements and manifestations of printmaking in the post-disciplinary era. We define material as a subject, while the predicate denotes what the material does. We wish to return to the beginning of the functions of imprint and investigate its points of contacts with other disciplines. The exhibition takes its name from Georges Didi-Huberman’s book “La ressemblance par contact: archéologie, anachronisme et modernité de l'empreinte”, 2008.  
Raul Keller
Saturday 04.07.2020 at the Copper Leg Art Residency 14:30 Opening of Raul Keller's photo exhibition 15:00 Post Horn live   Raul Keller is an Estonian interdisciplinary artist working with site-specific improvisation since 2000 both in performative and installative context. He has focused on radiophonic experiments and text, lo-fi technologies, and DIY cultures with an emphasis on the process. In 2014 Keller filled the Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia with a total sound installation with his solo show What You Hear Is What You Get (Mostly) and in 2019, a site-specific installation Girl In The Sewer was arrested and taken custody from the entrance of the same institution.   In recent years he has focused on performing as a solo artist on modular synthesizers and with a free impro noise duo Post Horn (w/ Hello Upan), generating and publishing text and keeping experimenting with analog photography.  
Design by Katre Arula, model Agnes Mäe, Photo by Liina Laurikainen 
The annual exhibition From the Roots of the Estonian Fashion Designers' Union will be open in Hobusepea gallery from Wednesday, July 1st 2020. Exhibition will be open until August 3rd.   At the present exhibition former clothing culture meets contemporary fashion design. Through  innovative working methods and modern solutions, fashion designers express respect towards their origin, beauty ideals of various generations as well as the phenomenon of continuity.  
Solo exhibition by Jaak Kikas
Solo exhibition by Jaak Kikas
03.07.2020 to 26.07.2020
On Friday, 3 July at 5 p.m. Jaak Kikas will open his personal exhibition of photo(de/re)constructions “Totems” in the small gallery of the Tartu Art House.  The artistic vision of Jaak Kikas is certainly influenced by his educational and occupational background as a physicist. Symmetries, reflections, experiments with the elements of physical reality are important keywords in physics. However, the exhibited photo manipulations give the viewers an opportunity for exercises in pareidolic thought games, enabling them to become co-authors of the works and to see in the images their own hopes, expectation and fears.