Illustration: Nora Pelšs
Kaisa Maasik’s new solo exhibition The Human Sponge in the Age of Screens is open from Thursday, November 3 at the ARS Showroom Gallery. The new project dealing with the susceptibility of children and the way kids mimic everything they see and hear, brings together video footage filmed by kids themselves. The exhibition will remain open until November 29. Something that the gathered material has in common is its influences from mass media, the mainstream film and music industry. From the 2000’s onwards, filming equipment like video, web, digital and phone cameras became more affordable. Ever since then, kids have had a way to record different re-enactments of what they see on screens. The artist adds: “The endless creativity, sincerity and enthusiasm of the children in the work is amazing, but it’s clouded by the violence in most of the scenes. When mirroring their surroundings, kids have a way of showing us what society is like in general.”
Videokunsti õhtu „Spiraalköites“
The Estonian Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA) and Von Krahl Cinema invite you to the video art event “Spiral Bound” on 3 November at 20.00. The programme is developed by the curators Eglė Agnė Benkunskytė and Mikk Lahesalu.  Participating artists: Katrin Essenson, Wilhelm Groener, Stefan Landrock, Maria Kapajeva, Kai Kaljo, Laura Kuusk, Marge Monko, Fideelia-Signe Roots, Hanna Samoson and Mare Tralla. The video works for the art event “Spiral Bound” have been compiled from the CCA’s archives on the basis of communicating different aspects of being on a journey, both literally and figuratively. They explore topics such as navigating through life, adaptation, resilience, acceptance and learning to say goodbye. The programme incorporates works with experimental audio-visual techniques and documentary style, many of which have seldom been shown to the public.
Marko Mäetamm “They Say”
Marko Mäetamm “They Say”
03.11.2022 to 03.12.2022
Maksla XO Gallery invites you to the opening of Marko Mäetamm's new exhibition – on Thursday, 3rd of November, 2022, from 17:00–20:00 MARKO MEÄTAMM “They Say”
Фото: Marco Laimre. Untitled (Fallout 76)
Tomorrow, on 28 October at 18.00 EKKM opens a new group exhibition, Crawl out Through the Fallout, curated by Marco Laimre.
“Let's Find a Way: Off-season“ by Eva Mustonen & Elīna Vītola
29.10.2022 – 21.01.2023 This winter's open call winners Eva Mustonen (EST) and Elīna Vītola (LV) are opening a duo exhibition Let's Find A Way: Off-Season in Kanal gallery on the 29th of October at 5 p.m. Let's Find A Way is a collaborative project by Eva Mustonen and Elīna Vītola which began with a caravan trip that the artists took together on the roads of South-Latvia. The goal of the trip was to find a way out of an emotional and financial dead end, in which the artists had gotten into.
Painting exhibition “Summer Glances“ by Peeter Must
Friday, 21.10. at 19:00, Peeter Must will open an art exhibition “Summer Glances” based on his paintings on the second floor of Sepikoja Gallery in the PÕHJALA Factory (Marati 5, Tallinn).  The exhibition based on Peeter Musta's latest creations projects our short but long days and colorful summer, in its best essence and color. Dreamy figures, beautifully flirting with the viewer, shine from the paintings, with youth and freshness gently surrounded by nature, colorful flowers in the sun-gold colored light. In Musta's work, women and nature are seen more generally - as a muse and a source of inspiration. The colors and personal, but also symbolic figures in the paintings are the key to the fantasy world for the viewer.
“Pressure of the Gaze“ by Karolin Poska
TASE’21 and EAA (Estonian Academy of Arts) Young Artist’s Award winner Karolin Poska will open her solo exhibition Pressure of the Gaze in Hobusepea gallery at 18:00 on Wednesday, October 19th, 2022. Exhibition will be open until November 14, 2022. Karolin Poska: "Do you know the feeling when someone else has fixed their gaze on you? You can simply tell that someone is controlling you, stalking you with the gaze, measuring you or trying to create a visual contact. You feel it even if it is outside the field of vision, or you may realize this from the corner of your eye. 
„Fata Morgana“ by Mihkel Maripuu
„Fata Morgana“ by Mihkel Maripuu
21.10.2022 to 12.11.2022
Mihkel Maripuu will open his solo exhibition Fata Morgana in Draakon gallery at 18:00 on Friday, October 21st, 2022. Exhibition will be open until November 12, 2022.  Fata Morgana is a phenomenon presenting a complex mirage that stages reality and then will unexpectedly disappear. It usually happens in early morning following a cold night when frozen temperatures will be replaced by the desert heat at dawn of day. A deceptive apparition is created at a far distance – a mystical vision, reality full of illusions, chowing down its own content, is appearing beyond reach on the horizon. Figuratively speaking, fata morgana creates, both as a concept and a phenomenon, parallels between daily news and contemporary post-truth society. What we are dealing here is a manipulation charged with symbols and narrative ambiguity, leading to either short-term or long-term consequences. 
“Warehouse no. 1” by Fideelia-Signe Roots
October 14 – November 13, 2022 Gallery Metropol 6 m2 and Metropol Cabinet Opening event on Friday, October 14 at 7 pm This autumn Galerii Metropol is hosting exhibition of well-known bare-chested hiker and skillful forklifter, interdiciplinary artist Fideelia-Signe Roots. It is called “Warehouse no. 1” and looks for common ground between life, work and art. In what order and where to put it? Is it too heavy to lift? Wrap it up to keep it together? There are serious questions like what is inside the box? The exhibition consists of interconnected allegorical sound-installation and a photo- and text diary systematized to fit the cabinet-gallery. The artist emphasizes boldly that before endless talk about thinking "out of the box" there must be a box to break out from in life as well as art.
Exhibition “Synthesis of Landscapes”
Exhibition “Synthesis of Landscapes”
13.10.2022 to 16.10.2022
On Wednesday, October 12, at 18:00, we will open the joint art exhibition titled “Synthesis of Landscapes” by Art Academy students from four different departments at ARS Art Factory Studio 53 and 98 (Pärnu mnt 154, Tallinn). The group exhibition uses the spatio-temporal outputs typical of installation art to question the artists' individual observations about their living environment and it’s influencing factors. Versatile collections of found, handmade and ready-made materials create micro-landscapes in the exhibition space, presenting fragments of the artists' collective thought-space. Gestures of opposition and mirroring through material propositions are supported by sound and video art experiments. Participants are Artists are students of EAA Jewellery and Blacksmithing, Glass Art and Ceramics departments.