Kohila XX Symposium
KOHILA SYMPOSIUM anniversary special!
19.08.2020 to 28.08.2020
Once again, on August 19th, begins the annual ceramics symposium at Tohisoo Manor House and kiln yard, in Kohila. In 2020 we celebrate both the 20th symposium and 20 years passing from the first anagama-kiln constructions. The format of this year´s symposium is different. Given the circumstances, the usual international event is postponed and the group is composed of local participants.   Kohila Symposium has become a tradition, an important event both in the local and international scene, gathering contemporary knowledge and skills around different wood-firing techniques while functioning as a mediator between the professional community and among the general public. Throughout the years the symposium has hosted 196 artists from 31 countries.   Participants: Ingrid Allik, Georg Bogatkin, Sergei Isupov, Kauri Kallas, Leena Kuutma, Kris Lemsalu, Aigi Orav, Laura Põld, Kadri Pärnamets, Leo Rohlin, Kärt Seppel and Annika Teder.  
Video installation “Case No.14. The Storm on the Baltic Sea” by Karel Koplimets
On August 19th at 5pm at KORDON Container Gallery is opening of the video installation “Case No.14. The Storm on the Baltic Sea” by Karel Koplimets with Artist Talk at 6pm and  Sea Rescue Seminar afterwards. You are very invited!   We see a pop-up container gallery as design activism dealing with urgent issues: technology and capitalist (over-)consumption and its contrast with nature.The video installation “Case No.14. The Storm on the Baltic Sea” by Karel Koplimets creates an uncanny spatial experience of anxiety, expanding the sense of intrigue between man-driven technology and natural forces.  
Exhibition "East End(s)?"
13.08.2020 to 30.08.2020
The group exhibition ida ots(as)? / east end(s)? focuses on re-examining and reflecting on the identity and socio-psychological experiences of Eastern Europeans. Eight Estonian artists will present their works in diverse mediums, and thereby create a complex offering for an open intergenerational dialogue. We question: What does it mean to be a nation that is located and defined as being North-Eastern European? How is Estonia's identity shaped by inner and outer expectations? When will we be able to live up to the set of economic, societal and developmental standards of Western Europe or do we have the backbone to define a new path?   Alexei Gordin https Madlen Hirtentreu Flo Kasearu
Exhibition "Painting as Indentity"
08.08.2020 to 30.08.2020
The exhibition is open from 8 August – 30 August from Wednesday until Sunday 12pm-6pm (on Monday and Tuesday the exhibition is closed) at Narva Art Residency (Joala 18). The exhibition entrance is free of charge. The opening of the exhibition takes place on 6 August at 5pm – everybody is welcome! Authors: Loora Kaubi, Lisette Lepik, Ekke Peeter Sauter, Theresia Pürmayr, Egert Tischler, Jelizaveta Šalova, Kati Müüripeal, Vassa Ponomarjova, Ats Kruusing, Liisa-Aleksandra Volmer Supervisors: Kristi Kongi and Tõnis Saadoja
Mari-Leen Kiipli and Paul Kuimet in Kogo Gallery
Opening 5.08. 17.00 – 19.00   The exhibition brings together the installation "Husa" by Mari-Leen Kiipli and series of photo collages "Crystal Grid" by Paul Kuimet. The opening takes place in the gallery and the courtyard of the Widget Factory. We kindly ask to keep a reasonable distance so that everybody can feel comfortable.   The installation by Mari-Leen first created for Haapsalu City Gallery and exhibited there in July fills the Kogo Gallery and expands to the yard of the Widget Factory. Series "Crystal Grid" by Paul Kuimet was first shown at the Tallinn Art Hall in the Paul Kuimet's and Mihkel Ilus' exhibition "Endless Story" curated by Siim Preiman.  
ARNOLD x LEPIK x NIINEMÄGI x KOSENKRANIUS on the windows of A-gallery
In July, the windows of A–gallery on the corner of Hobusepea and Pikk street host the exhibitions of. The exhibitions are on view in any weather and at any time of the day between 6th and 29th of August 2020.   Also, keep an eye on the homepage of A-gallery for the continuation of the artist talk series!   EXTENDED PLAY Georg Arnold   On the show is an EP (Extended Play). Each disc has one track, which are interpretations of ornament based on the Archimedean spiral. The motive comes from the vinyl records. Tools used were a plasma cutter and a lathe, the material is steel. Made in the autumn of 2019 in the workshop of Estonian Academy of Arts while being an artist in residence.  
Gudrun Koppel’s exhibition “She hoped that Angels see and understand – She hoped that someone sees and understands”
Gudrun Koppel’s exhibition “She hoped that Angels see and understand – She hoped that someone sees and understands” in Draakon gallery will be opened on Monday, 3rd of August at 18.00. The exhibition remains open until August 29.   Just as a mythical snake that devours itself from its tail continues to eat its tail in a total endless eternal circle, so everything is the same and has already happened here under the Sun. In retrospect, arbitrary generalizations are made, about which there is no complete truth, because narratives have been interpreted as reflective in the world behind the mirror.   The way angels are portrayed, as we understand them in the Western Christian world, comes from Persia, the oldest monotheistic religion, Zoroastrianism.  
 Mari Volens's exhibition “Sudden Disentanglement”
On Thursday, 30 July at 5 pm Mari Volens will open her solo exhibition “Sudden Disentanglement” in the monumental gallery of the Tartu Art House.   The exhibition consists of the installation “A Quiet Turn” (2018, earlier exhibited in the Draakoni Gallery in Tallinn and at the Tallinn Art Hall group exhibition “The Art of Being Good”) and the photo series “Taking Shape”. The artist uses sound, light, colour and moving objects to create the resulting ensemble. Altogether it is the border between the internal world of thoughts and imagination and the external reality.   Something started moving. Couldn’t go on as before. Some air got into the compressed state, rigidity and defence were replace by trust. What if we could let go of familiar forms? If we knew that there was another way. If we didn’t forget that we didn’t need more. Maybe we can, maybe we don’t have to, what if we took our own shape.
Ulvi Haagensen's exhibition “From the Archive: a Collection of Funny Things”
On Thursday, 30 July at 5 p.m. Ulvi Haagensen will open her personal exhibition “From the Archive: a Collection of Funny Things” in the small gallery of the Tartu Art House.   The imaginary author of the exhibition, Olive Puuvill creates art works in the manner of a bricoleuse. In her latest work she combines patterns, lines, textures and light to create an installation where objects, situations, materials and ideas are juxtaposed in a slightly chaotic arrangement, but one that nonetheless has a logic of its own. All this bears the traces of her intentions, aims and ideas as physical evidence of the working processes where Olive’s everyday life clashes, meets and melds with her art practice.  
Tarrvi Laamann.
Tarrvi Laamann will be at the SOLARIS Gallery on July 26th. The traveler and painter will be introducing his artworks, playing music and painting live between 12‒7 pm. Tarrvi Laamann (born 1973) is a painter and traveler with his roots in Estonia but has considered Jamaica for the past two decades to be his second home. Tarrvi has acquired his art education in the Estonian Academy of Arts (1998 BA, 2000 MFA), and has had additional studies in Japan and India. He is also a guest lecturer at the Estonian Academy of Arts and in the Tartu Pallas.