“The Second Act. Found in Translation” by Cloe Jancise and Sigrid Viir
On Friday, 7 October at 5 p.m. Cloe Jancis and Sigrid Viir will open their joint exhibition “The Second Act. Found in Translation” in the large gallery of Tartu Art House. With the help of visual language, the artists in the exhibition depict the everyday absurd situations and analyse social constructions. The common themes are understanding and depiction of people and objects as well as the various personal and social roles of women.   The collaboration between Jancis and Viir is based on a visual exchange of thoughts. They interpreted each other’s ideas and translated each other’s photographs into new images and objects. The only rule of their working process is to use a visual process of translating where words are not used. 
“Documented Points of View” by Taavi Talve
Join us for the opening of the solo show “Documented Points of View” by Taavi Talve on the 4th of October at 4 pm at EKA Gallery!   The exhibition is open 04—15.10.2022  “Documented Points of View” consists of travel descriptions, diary entries and reportage snippets—observations from the subjective author’s position with the narrator’s gaze framing the landscapes. The narrator’s disembodied voice is creating a different kind of subjective time-space—fictive storytellers fragmented tale, retrospective autobiography, where the lines between the visual and imaginary are blurred.
“Chronicles of Trap” by Aksel Haagensen and artist talk
Link to the exhibition: Artst talk Open until: 04/10/22 The island of Trap was isolated enough to be a perfect habitat for a number of endemic plants as well as a haven for visiting marine mammals and birds. A textbook example of island biogeography, it is a good starting point for stories from the history of conservation biology and biodiversity in the anthropocene. The only human inhabitant of the island was bryologist Loro Moron. Named Lorenzo by his parents and 'loco' by the international scientific community, the eccentric yet brilliant Loco Loro Moron spent 6 years living on Trap until it was destroyed in a volcanic eruption of Krakatoan magnitude on 27 July 1998.
Kärt Hammer and Patrick Soome “Lux Love”
“If nothing saves us from death may love at least save us from life” – Pablo Neruda This miniature exhibition invites you to take a little moment and seek for solice in something we all yearn for. Pieces of totally abstract act of love, poured in nest-like constructions presented in noble frames. Hammer and Soome are melting together abstract painting, fragile installation and fine silverwork – it’s a mixture of subtle emotions. Kärt Hammer (1988) and Patrick Soome (2002) are artists and best friends who found each other through creative process with their first co-exhibition “drowning” (2020). They have an undoubtably similar intuitive understanding of aesthetics where clean minimalism flirts with intense destructiveness and romantic gentleness. In this somewhat chaotic process there is always an element of existential darkness. Opening 19:00, 07.10.2022 07.10-13.10.2022 Galerie 3M2, 145 Galerie de Valois, 75001 Paris Supporters: Estonian Embassy in Paris, BiboVino
Audiovisual Compost
The Estonian Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA) and Von Krahl Cinema invite you to the art event “Audiovisual Compost” on 29 September at 20.00.  Participating artists: Tõnis Jürgens, Kaarel Kurismaa, Art Nõukas, Francesco Rosso, Karl Saks, Hanna Samoson, Mare Tralla The art event “Audiovisual Compost” presents a variety of video and sound works created in the past 20 years to which the participating artists have recently added a new layer of comments. They used motifs from older works to create new audiovisual compositions and look into historical processes from today’s perspective.
“As It Came Out of the Earth, It Returns“ by Kert Viiart
Kert Viiart will open his solo exhibition As It Came Out of the Earth, It Returns in Hobusepea gallery at 17:00 on Friday, September 23rd, 2022. The exhibition will be open until October 17th, 2022. According to the artist, one can presume that the future in plastic ruins will arrive unexpectedly; however, the dystopian narrative has become almost an inevitable part of the future of our planet; creating unimaginable landscapes. Nondegradable plastic waste will be unavoidable part of the history of humankind. Perhaps instead of the achievements of certain civilizations, the future archaeology will tell about the dystopian results of civilization and humankind.
“Saboteur” by Maarja Mäemets
“Saboteur” by Maarja Mäemets
27.09.2022 to 21.10.2022
On Tuesday, 27th of September at 18:00, Maarja Mäemets' personal exhibition „Sabotöör / Saboteur“ will be opened in Jakobi gallery. The exhibition will stay open until the 21st of October. The focus of the exhibition is the artist’s hidden antagonist, a deliberate thwarter who criticises, subverts and judges. This cunning inner speech undermines one’s footing and in the worst case prevents one from dreaming and enjoying life to the fullest. Skillfully set up fine sensitive traps need excellent swimming skills. There is continuous movement through major and minor obstacles, dead ends, repetitions and ambiguity in the hopes of reaching to the other side. Eili Soon, Kaie Vakepea, Andra Jõgis and Rait Lõhmus contributed to the materialisation of the exhibition. Thank You! Additional information: Jakobi Gallery E-mail: jakobigalerii [at] Jakobi 52, Tartu Tue–Fri 13.00–18.00
Marten Esko, Mihkel Ilus „T2“
Marten Esko, Mihkel Ilus „T2“
21.09.2022 to 08.10.2022
‘Well,’ they start. ‘Now this was all refreshing, but what are we doing here, Hal? Huh? What are we doing here?’ ‘I don’t know.’ You shrug. ‘What are you doing here?’ ‘I’m asking you – what are we doing here?’ ‘I don’t know,’ you say, still shrugging. ‘I don’t know. Ask them.’ You look at me. I show you. Whether you see or not is hard to tell. We all continue. ‘We don’t know what we’re doing here either,’ I hear them say. You look back towards them. ‘You don’t know what we’re doing here?’ ‘Shit,’ they say. ‘We’ll deal with this later. Let’s do something else. It’s getting vaguely exhausting. Does anyone know anyone who has anything? Hey Hal, do you have anything?’ they ask. ‘The smoke machine is busted,’ I answer. They sigh. ‘Listen, Hal.’ They are now staring at their phones, checking for something. ‘Hey Hal, are you listening?’ they whisper. ‘Yes,’ I whisper back. ‘Are you listening to me?’ you whisper. ‘...’ ‘Hey Hal?’
Mari Männa „Elagem sõpruses! Let’s live in friendship! Давайте жить дружно!“
Mari Männa will open her personal exhibition Let’s live in friendship! in Draakon gallery at 18:00 on Tuesday, September 20th, 2022. Exhibition will be open until October 12, 2022. “Let’s live in friendship!” refers to a text that was found on a blackboard of a schoolhouse in Novyi Bykiv in Chernihiv Oblast in Ukraine after the pillage by Russian soldiers. Current exhibition alludes to a self-contradictory Russian propaganda campaign. Mari Männa has combined playful artwork and documentary found material in her unique world. The landscape she has created alludes to a location that is flushed by conflicting energy. The artwork that has formed is just like a frozen moment in this chaos. Männa started to work with her new sculptures before the Russian invasion to Ukraine. Her half-figures began to embody the ongoing events while taking on the emotions, postures and objects of the changing society.
“Intolerable Brightness of Artificial Light in Nocturnal Urban Darkness” by Karel Koplimets
Karel Koplimets' personal exhibition in Kanal gallery will at first glance take us to an artificial urban space, which observes our daily (precisely: nightly) surroundings, this time focusing on light pollution, machines and the relationships between them and humans.   Exhibition Intolerable Brightness of Artificial Light in Nocturnal Urban Darkness consists of two artworks: Untitled (2021) and Your Order Is on Its Way (2021). Also, this is their premiere in Estonia.  Video work Your Order Is on Its Way is a dance video, in which a bicycle courier and a parcel robot meet. This artwork studies the relationship between humans and machines in a new robotisation age and at the same time, asking, if humans and machines can coexist or has it changed the current definition of work.