Camille Laurelli issue by Idoine Èdition
French and English magazine Idoine has published a special interview-issue “Up-Up-Down-Down-Left-Right-Left-Right-B/A*” with Camille Laurelli, which will be presented at the video game museum LVLup! on the 25th of January, 2021, on @ccaestonia Instagram account at 18.00. The presentation will be held in English. Camille Laurelli is a French intermedia artist who currently lives and works in Tallinn. Laurelli is a co-founder and artistic director of the Lvlup! Video game Museum which is located in ARS Art Factory.  What kind of treasures is artist Camille Laurelli hiding in his video games museum? Why has anyone yet understood what he’s doing there? What can Camille tell us about video games? Those and other questions will be answered at @ccaestonia Instagram live, when Camille takes us on a tour in the Pärnu mnt 154 building.
Maria Valdma’s solo exhibition “Memory Palace”
How to speak without words? How to remember without recalling? Maria Valdma’s solo exhibition Memory Palace will be open in Tallinn City Gallery from 22 January, showcasing the artist’s latest jewellery made of porcelain, burnt and bleached wood, gold and silver. The curator of the exhibition is Siim Preiman.   NB! Due to the continued spread of the coronavirus in Estonia, the usual festive opening of the exhibition will not take place. The doors of the City Gallery will open to visitors on Friday, 22 January at 11 am. The exhibition will remain open until 28 March.  
Evi Gailit, Maris Tuuling and Tõnis Kriisa at the Tartu Art House
From Saturday, 23 January the joint exhibition of Evi Gailit, Maris Tuuling and Tõnis Kriisa “Three Is Compromise” will be open in the small gallery of the Tartu Art House.   The exhibition of the two painters and one ceramicist focuses mainly on the human body. It is a collection of shapes that is the most expressive to other people. It can also be endlessly and without exhaustion used in artworks. 70–93% of communication is arguably based on body language but we are still quite illiterate about reading its meaning.   The authors add: “All exhibited works have been made in half a year for this project. Since we have allowed each other to quietly work on our own, we don’t want to also pressure the viewer with our interpretations. We won’t therefore explain our works nor offer a manual for the exhibition. The number of correct interpretations is equal to the number of stories constructed by the viewers.”  
Flo Kasearu “Cut Out of Life”
Flo Kasearu “Cut Out of Life”
18.01.2021 to 28.03.2021
What really goes on behind closed doors? Why is it safer on the streets than at home? How do male perpetrators – every fourth man in Estonia – justify their actions? How to recognise violence around us and where to get help?   Tallinn Art Hall presents “Cut Out of Life”, the largest solo exhibition to date of the work of Flo Kasearu, one of the most important creators of Estonian contemporary art, which conceptualises domestic violence against women, a social problem with devastating and severe effects on society.  
Katrin Essenson, Anne-Mai Heimola ja Danel Rinaldo
Laupäev, 19. detsember 2020 14:00 - 17:00 Avatud uste päev Vaskjala Loomeresidentuuris Anne-Mai Heimola, Katrin Essensoni ja Danel Rinaldo loomingu esitlused.   Anne-Mai Heimola elab ja töötab Tallinnas. EKAs stsenograafia eriala lõpetamise järel on ta töötanud Rahvusooper Estonias, Draamateatris, Von Krahli Teatris, Vene Teatris - dekoraatori, rekvisiitori, kostümeerija ja kunstnikuna. Vaskjala Loomeresidentuuri kohta kuulis ta sõpradelt, kui väga inspireerivast kohast, kus tutvuda ja kohaneda oma hinge sisehelidega. Ümbritsevatel väljadel tasakesi häälitsevad varasemate residentide teosed on sobiva keskkonna värvikaks tõestuseks. Kunstniku enda tasandikkude helinaks on maalimine ja Vaskjala on 150% see koht, kus tema loovus on saanud kütet.   Katrin Essenson on tegevuskunstnik, lavastaja ja tantsija.
Annual exhibition of Tartu art at the Tartu Art House
From Saturday, 19 December the traditional annual exhibition of Tartu art can be visited in the Tartu Art House. This year its title is “Tightrope Walker” and it is designed by Eveli Varik.  
Mall Paris's personal exhibition “Infinity”
Mall Paris's personal exhibition “Infinity” will be open in Hobusepea gallery from Wednesday, December 16, 2020. Exhibition will stay open until January 11, 2021.   Word ---- image ---- imagination. Either every word separately or together as a line. The space fades into a complete idea or single images ...   Words compose an image or an attempt appearing in time. Infinity is far or close Infinity is close or far ...  
Erki Kasemets's personal exhibition “Karl Marx in the Animal Kingdom”
Erki Kasemets's personal exhibition “Karl Marx in the Animal Kingdom” will be open in Draakon gallery from Tuesday, December 15th, 2020. The most lightweight painting in Estonia can be seen at the exhibition and 37 years later, Erki Kasemets is collaborating with Reet Ohna, the artist of the board game that Kasemets invented in his childhood.   “When I was in the seventh grade, I took part in the competition of designing a board game inspired by the natural world. My invention was awarded the 2nd prize, and the 1st prize was not given out. They decided to place my game into production – before that, the rules were adjusted and simplified; the artist designed the board and the packaging that were depicting animals. The product was titled “Journey in the Animal Kingdom” and tens of thousands of copies of the game were printed. Even the reprints of the product were made later.  
Exhibition “Home of Good Thoughts”
Exhibition “Home of Good Thoughts”
12.12.2020 to 30.01.2021
The corona crisis forced a lot of us to spend weeks stuck inside our homes. Being in a small and isolated space 24/7 became our reality, a tiny world of our own. Being confined made us anxious and the only way out was the computer screen or our imagination. In social media, jokes about holiday trips to the balcony, gourmet trips to the kitchen or spa-weekends in the bathroom circulated widely. The intimate and limited space became so familiar and so thoroughly felt that being in it acquired a new kind of depth. Just like we can travel in our minds, we can sit on our sofas and imagine that the flat is, indeed, our home town: the living room table is like a city square with busy family members around it, the square is framed by facades of various buildings, convenient roads lead to the residential suburb, restaurant, spa...  
Britta Benno’s exhibition “Ruinenlust: Lasnamägi”
On Monday, 14 December at 16.00, pre-reviewing of Art and Design programme PhD student Britta Benno’s exhibition “Ruinenlust: Lasnamägi” will take place at Hobusepea Gallery (and via Zoom). Exhibition is part of the artistic (practice-based) doctoral thesis of Britta Benno.   To participate at the pre-reviewing in the gallery, please registrate HERE The exhibition is open until 14 December, 2020. Supervisor: Dr. Elnara Taidre Pre-reviewers of the exhibition: Dr. Elo-Hanna Seljamaa, Dr. Andreas Trossek