Group exhibition “I came here to be alone – I also came here to be alone”
Journeys can sometimes be life-altering. Over the atmospheric and geopolitical heat of the summer of 2022, curators Corina L. Apostol and Kristaps Ancāns invited eight artists, four based in Estonia and four in Latvia, to travel across the Baltic coast to discover each other and create this exhibition together. Working in collaboration, each of them brings their personal approach to art practice and co-habitation of the exhibition space at Tallinn Art Hall Gallery in the show I came here to be alone – I also came here to be alone.
Raul Keller “Tranquil Beauty”
Raul Keller “Tranquil Beauty”
08.09.2022 to 30.09.2022
9.09.-30.09.2022 ARS Project Space Borrowing the name for the exhibition from a snippet in an interview by a colleague where she characterises my previous exhibition (Perfect Wordls) using those two words, I have made and found a collection of pieces, which in a longer duration of time formed within the influence of this imaginary double helix. The name and concept stuck and demanded attention, refusing to be binned. Figures, forms and sounds swirl in a gravitational field of tranquil beauty as if to pose a question what chance do they have in these times of turmoil, uncertainty and dust. The exhibition will extend from physical into virtual space. Raul Keller (1973) is an Estonian contemporary artist who since the 90s has worked within the field of experimentalism with a focus on location, improvisation and sound practices.
Reimo Võsa-Tangsoo ja Martin Buschmann „[ 2 | 2 ] mäng on töö“
In this exhibition, it is possible to experience three works, all of which deal with playing and observe different aspects of playing or a game. Martin Buschmann's work focuses on the phenomenon where a computer game simulates a specific job (driving a truck), doing it as realistically as possible. In the game, the author was able to drive through the most important hubs of human settlement in Estonia, despite the fact that in real life he does not have the right to drive, and to capture his journey using photographic tools. To experience his work, visitors can use a tablet in the exhibition hall or download the Overly app to their smart device. There are two works by Reimo Võsa-Tangsoo. Both works focus on a certain abstraction or simplification that comes with the game. In the video, he focuses on the different passage of time in real life and in the computer game world. In its essence, this simplification is also diametrically different from simulation (which Buschmann observes, for example), although there is also a certain attempt at realism in the gameworld.
Tarrvi Laamann “Me Deya”
Tarrvi Laamann “ME DEYA” Finissage, ART Walk and LIVE PAINT On Wednesday, August 31, the closing of Tarrvi Laamann's exhibition “ME DEYA” will take place in PÕHJALA Factory. From three o'clock until late in the evening, the author of the works will be present at the exhibition, live-painting session will take place, and we will give visitors art tours through the various exhibition spaces, revealing the behinds of the works and printing techniques. The evening is accompanied by music chosen by Tarrvi. On the spot, Okeiko with a background as a street artist creates art together with Tarrvi Laamann. At 10 o'clock in the evening, the dismantling of the exhibitions begins to the accompaniment of reggae rhythms. On the spot, it is possible to buy the author's creations and make offers for interesting works. Tarrvi Laaamann's work can also be found on the art platform NOBA.AC -
“That Girl”Pilvi Tammoja and Erinn M. Cox
On Friday, 2 September at 6 p.m. Pilvi Tammoja and Erinn M. Cox will open their joint exhibition “That Girl” in the small gallery of Tartu Art House. The artists present contemporary jewellery pieces that depict, deny, define, and distort the images we hold of ourselves as women. The works are inspired by our vulnerabilities, our strengths, our fears, and our desires — whether they are real or imagined. They are thinking about that girl: who you may know, who you might also be. The authors add: “In the dark, it's all a trick. And nobody knows. We are in the moment, in the moments. Our eyes throw a glance, we make you laugh, we are provocative, we dance, we drink. We pretend to have fun. We break our own hearts. And we do it again and again.”
“Dust” by Julija Pociūtė and Tiina Sarapu
On Friday, 2 September at 6 p.m. Tiina Sarapu and Julija Pociūtė will open their joint exhibition “Dust” in the large gallery of Tartu Art House. The exhibition explores forgetfulness: the forgotten spatial practices and forgotten places; actions preserved as scattered memory images, or actions, dreams, completed for yourself and packed away in a box. “Dust, the symbol of forgetting, reveals hidden dimensions of the banality of everyday, moments and places considered insignificant. Dust accompanies glass artists while working, being a remnant of their work, but also hiding the transparency of the glass,” the curator Karin Paulus explains. Dust also refers to something being worn out and forgotten, marking the inevitability of reality and the constant changing of the world around us.
“Attention Figures“ by Taavi Suisalu
“Attention Figures“ by Taavi Suisalu
26.08.2022 to 16.10.2022
Taavi Suisalu opens his solo exhibition Attention Figures on 26 August at 18.00. The exhibition is centred around the ideas of machine imagination, attention economy and the changing self-image of man in the contemporary information era.   The artist Taavi Suisalu looks at the tools used to occupy our attention, how imagination is shaped and visions of reality are created. Reflecting on the course of humanity in a situation where algorithms create images and make decisions for us, Suisalu wonders about the role of humans in the future.  ​​
Virtual symposium and exhibition Electric Dreams
Electric Dreams - 1st CMA International Symposium and Exhibition Dates: Online symposium: 25 - 26th Aug 2022 Virtual exhibition: runs online from August 25th 2022 to June 2023 Location: Due to travel restrictions in Asia, this Electric Dreams iteration will run entirely online. Book your free tickets here: Eventbrite Event website:
Kristina Õllek & Laura Kuusk at Art-o-rama art fair
This week, from August 25 to 28, Foku will represent Kristina Õllek at the art fair Art-o-rama in Marseille, France. From August 19, artist Laura Kuusk is represented in the selection of digital artworks at the Immaterial Salon online platform, an extension of the art fair. By Kristina Õllek a selection of works from the series “Filter Feeders, Double Binds & Other Silicones” (2019- ...) will be presented in Marseille. Using the example of the North Sea as an example of the effects of human activity on the ecological balance of the world's oceans, the project enters into a dialogue with the coastal area of ​​Marseille and raises burning questions from the point of view of nature conservation.
“Pile of Dirty Rags“ by Kai Kaljo
“Pile of Dirty Rags“ by Kai Kaljo
24.08.2022 to 19.09.2022
Kai Kaljo will open her personal exhibition Pile of Dirty Rags in Hobusepea gallery at 18:00 on Wednesday, August 24, 2022. Exhibition will be open until September 19, 2022. “In February 2022, I created a folder Explosions and volcanoes in my computer. Actually, I had had it already for a year since I added there my first image.