Britta Benno's exhibition “Ruinenlust in Lasnamäe”
Britta Benno's personal exhibition “Ruinenlust in Lasnamäe” will be open in Hobusepea gallery since Wednesday, November 25th, 2020. Exhibition will be open until December 14, 2020.   When waking up from a lunch-time nap, it had transformed to a gigantic future dinosaur that no one had ever seen before. One can imagine the soaked bulks of houses thrown on a hillocky landscape behind the fog. These are the ruins of concrete panel houses that have luckily survived in a spot that once was called Lasnamäe.   The cuboids had no windows nor doors, darkness smirked its toothless grin behind the cavities. And yet, there was no emptiness there – new life had moved in Lasnamäe. Creatures like the dinosaur were living there – huge, miraculous animals whose ancestors originated from the Anthropocene.  
Katrin Piile's exhibition
Katrin Piile's personal exhibition "The Rabbit Who Fell into the Pool Full of Balloons" will be open in Draakon gallery from Tuesday, November 24, 2020. Exhibition will be open until December 12, 2020.  
 Lola Liivat “The Color Oration of Abstract Painting”
On Friday, 20.11.20, the living legend of Estonian abstract art Lola Liivat will open the exhibition “The Color Oration of Abstract Painting” based on her latest work at the SOLARIS Gallery. In cooperation with the Viinistu Art Museum, in addition to a fresh conceptual exhibition, works from the author's various creative periods have been exhibited.  
Taavi Talve’s solo exhibition “Documented Points of View”
From Saturday, November 21 Taavi Talve’s solo exhibition “Documented Points of View” can be visited in the monumental gallery of the Tartu Art House.   The exhibition focuses on various points of view that frame landscapes, travelogues from different eras and journal entries. These are all observations that stem from a subjective author position. The narrative is presented as entries in the first person that join different eras, events and people into one story. “Documented Points of View” is a film about imagination that takes place when a description or a remembered photo starts off a chain of connections that in turn erase the border between actual experiences and imagination. It is as if “you had seen everything with your own eyes”.  
Kaido Ole & Benjamin Badock
The duo exhibition of Benjamin Badock and Kaido Ole, “A Sparrow in the Hand” will be open at the Art Hall Gallery from 19 November. Amplifying common stereotypes, the works of the two artists depict life in an idyllic ideal world. The curator of the exhibition is Siim Preiman.   The exhibition will open on Wednesday, 18 November at 5 pm and will remain open until 10 January.   The accelerating segregation among people in Estonia creates an increasingly fertile ground for the emergence of envy and a sense of exclusion as well as delusions. Besides all this, there are innumerable superficial and insignificant reasons for envy. Envy does not necessarily depend on income, and so the title of the exhibition is borrowed from the proverb, “A sparrow in the hand is better than a pigeon on the wing,“ which, in short, means that we should be content with the little that truly belongs to us, rather than desire the unattainable.  
Erika Tammpere’s solo exhibition “Even Blind Understand”
From Saturday, November 21 Erika Tammpere’s solo exhibition “Even Blind Understand” can be visited in the small gallery of the Tartu Art House.   Mainly large-format works are exhibited: five tapestries and five textile installations. The works have mostly been made by the artist herself in the 2000s. However, the place of honour belongs to “Tailwind” that was created forty years ago and was presented for the first time during the Tallinn Regatta of the Moscow Olympics and was then on display in the Sports Museum in Tartu.  
Exhibition “Returns”
From Friday, 20 November the large gallery of the Tartu Art House will host the group exhibition “Returns” with the artists Damien Beyrouthy (France/Lebanon), Dénes Farkas (Estonia/Hungary), Anna Guilló (France/Catalonia) and Pascal Navarro (France) participating. The exhibition is curated by Sara Bédard-Goulet (University of Tartu) and Peeter Talvistu (Tartu Artists’ Union).   For this exhibition, the artists were invited to reflect on the idea of reception and to question it through their respective practice, including drawing (Navarro & Guilló), sound installation (Farkas) and media art (Beyrouthy). “Returns” looks at the idea of a reciprocal gaze between the artworks and the people who experience them since both sides are equally affected by the encounter. It also considers the active role of people reacting to the works, commenting on them and eventually even leading to new productions, as it is the case here.  
Kätrin Beljaevi isikunäitus „Pidu katku ajal“
From Saturday 14 November, the Vault of A-gallery hosts the solo exhibition of Kätrin Beljajev which invites visitors to look closely at the ways we use energy during the times of vast societal change.   Epidemies have always plagued human society. When the previous one is forgotten, the next one knocks on the door. The land is then bedecked with an atmosphere of fear. Institutions are operating as they consider most useful for the society and people must follow with duty, disperse, keep distance and stay under.  
solo show
On Tuesday, November 10 at 5 PM we open the solo show "AL₂SI₂O₅(OH)₄" by Juss Heinsalu and workshop-exhibition “Ceramic Dimension” by Lauri Kilusk, Martin Melioranski and Urmas Puhkan at EKA Gallery. Exhibitions will remain open until November 28. The entrance to the opening is from Kotzebue street. Please wear a mask!     Al₂Si₂O₅(OH)₄ Juss Heinsalu  
Elo Liiv's solo exhibition “Useful (AB)use”
Sculptor and installation artist Elo Liiv will be opening her first personal exhibition in Tartu on Tuesday, November 3rd. “Useful (AB)use” is a collection of artworks that discuss serious and painful subjects of living in the form of visual short stories as installations. The exhibition showcases both new as well as remixed older works.