Anu Vahtra to start her residency in WIELS


In July, Anu Vahtra began her six-month residency in WIELS, the renowned art centre in Brussels. The residency for Estonian artists is made possible by the partnership between WIELS and Estonian Centre for Contemporary Art.

The duration of the WIELS artist in residence programme is six months and its aim is to support artists’ professional development. The residents have access to workshops, panels, and feedback discussions. The artist has the possibility to live in an apartment in Brussels and work at a separate studio space. With the help of Estonian Ministry of Culture, CCA pays the participants monthly scholarship.

Anu Vahtra is one of the founders of art book publishing house and bookshop Lugemik. She has been awarded with Köler Prize grand prix (2015), the annual prize of Estonian Cultural Endowment (2017), Artproof scholarship at viennacontemporary (2017). Anu Vahtra received national artist salary from 2016 – 2018.

During her residency in WIELS Vahtra would like to follow the processes of the urban space in Brussels and to be in dense dialogue with artists and mentors working in the residency to expand her artistic practice.

Since 2018 the programme has hosted Estonian artists Paul Kuimet, Jaanus Samma, Anna Škodenko, Tõnis Saadoja and Tanja Muravskaja. Residents are selected via an open call. The call for 2021 is open now, more information can be found here.

WIELS’ partner in Estonia is Estonian Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA). The residency of Estonian artists in WIELS is supported by Estonian Ministry of Culture.

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