“Audiovisual Compost" at Von Krahl Cinema“


The Estonian Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA) and Von Krahl Cinema invite you to the art event “Audiovisual Compost” on 29 September at 20.00. 

Participating artists: Tõnis Jürgens, Kaarel Kurismaa, Art Nõukas, Francesco Rosso, Karl Saks, Hanna Samoson, Mare Tralla

The art event “Audiovisual Compost” presents a variety of video and sound works created in the past 20 years to which the participating artists have recently added a new layer of comments. They used motifs from older works to create new audiovisual compositions and look into historical processes from today’s perspective.

The creative impulse for creating these works comes from the archives of various artists: from old hard drives and VHS cassettes that have been waiting for their time to be developed into new audiovisual pieces. Among other things, art historical materials from events 20 years ago, such as Metabor and ISEA 2004 will be screened – through this, a spectacle bordering on the documentative and fictional is created. Some of the works have been created in recent years, and artists have now added a new layer to these works, either as animation, video or sound. The artists have sifted through already existing material to find meaningful ideas that could move their practice forward.

The programme is developed by the curator Marika Agu (CCA). With the event “Audiovisual Compost” the CCA continues its mission of documenting art in Estonia, as well as keeping and conceptualising an audiovisual archive, established in the 1990s. Previously, Von Krahl Cinema has screened two events in the same series, “Nööri mööda” and “Silmale nähtamatu”.

Von Krahl Cinema was established with the understanding that the true life-force of culture often originates from its outer edges. By presenting art that does not follow the commercial mainstream, Krahl aims to promote and protect the legacy of a more experimental cinema.

We thank: Allan Appelberg, Joosep Ehasalu, Erki Kase, kiwa, Kulla Laas, Hans-Gunther Lock, Laura Merendi, Rene Tamm

The event is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia and Nordisk Kulturkontakt

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