Call for exhibition projects at Pärnu City Gallery!


Application deadline for 2022 is October 1, 2021

It is possible to apply for two exhibition spaces in Pärnu City Gallery:

Pärnu City Gallery in Town Hall (Uus 4, Pärnu)
Pärnu Artist`s House Gallery (Nikolai 27, Pärnu)

Galleries are rent-free. The plans of exhibition spaces can be found on our webpage:

Application must involve the following:
1. Project description
2. Curriculum vitae of the artist(s)
3. Visual material (photos, video etc.)
4. Preferred time (month, quarter)
5. List of the technical equipment required for exhibiting
6. Send application by post or by e-mail: 
galerii [at]

Pärnu Linnagalerii, Nikolai 27, 80010, Pärnu, Estonia
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