“DIRTY WHITE” by Kärt Hammer


On Thursday, February 29th, Kärt Hammer will open her solo show, titled “Dirty White”, at Tütar gallery.

Her exhibition project delves into the intimate interplay between the divine and the secular within earthly realms. Hammer examines humanity's yearning for morality and purity, embodying her thoughts with expressive impact through the concept of "Dirty White." Her artworks lead the viewer on a poetic journey of contemplation, moving away from over-explanation and rigid definitions of art, towards semi-divine concepts, shedding the weight of excessive explication and definition.

Kärt Hammer (1988) is an interdisciplinary artist whose main focus of creative self-expression is abstract painting and drawing, but whose activity also extends to the field of installation, photography and fashion. Hammer's method is intuitive. The artist searches for intensities of pure aesthetics that are both aesthetic and psychological.

Kärt Hammer's exhibition will remain open at the Tütar Gallery until April 7th and is free to the public. The gallery is located in the Noblessner Port Quarter at Vesilennuki 24 and is open Thursday to Friday 1pm to 7pm and Saturday to Sunday from 2pm to 6pm.

Graphic Design: Taavet Kohal
Text: Eero Epner
The exhibition is supported by Estonian Cultural Endowment, Kommipomm, Balen OÜ and TRAGE.

Additional information:
Mailis Timmi
Director & Founder
Tel: +372 5623 7001

Vesilennuki 24, Tallinn
Thu–Fri 13:00–19:00
Sat–Sun 14:00–18:00

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