Exhibition “Chronicles of Trap”


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Opening: 03/08/22 6pm (EET)
Open until: 04/10/22

The island of Trap was isolated enough to be a perfect habitat for a number of endemic plants as well as a haven for visiting marine mammals and birds. A textbook example of island biogeography, it is a good starting point for stories from the history of conservation biology and biodiversity in the anthropocene.
The only human inhabitant of the island was bryologist Loro Moron. Named Lorenzo by his parents and 'loco' by the international scientific community, the eccentric yet brilliant Loco Loro Moron spent 6 years living on Trap until it was destroyed in a volcanic eruption of Krakatoan magnitude on 27 July 1998.

Aksel Haagensen is an Estonian-Australian artist based in Tallinn. He spent his early childhood in Sydney, where he became obsessed by the animals he saw around him, in the pages of books on animals and in nature documentaries that his grandmother recorded for him onto VHS. Now, he is trying to make the kind of art that his 5-year-old self would appreciate.

Saskia Lillepuu

supported by:
Cultural Endowment of Estonia / Eesti Kultuurkapital

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