Exhibition ”Neonaivism”


26.11.2021 - 4.01.2022
Opening of the exhibition: 25.11.2021 kell 17.00

Curator: Vilen Künnapu
Exhibition design: Karl Kristjan Nagel, Tiiu Rebane

Neo-naivety is a modern artistic flow that responds to the vibrations of our changing times. At a time when everything is transparent and lying and deception is almost impossible, naivety and childishness are the weapons of oneness with the cosmic whole. While the history of modern art includes names such as Henri Rousseau, Giorgio de Chirico, Carlo Carra and others, whose naivety is beyond doubt, there are in fact elements of naivety in constructivism, surrealism and pop art. Modern art with a short history in Estonia is sometimes charmingly naive. Karl Pärsimägi, Valve Janov, Kaja Kärner, Lembit Sarapuu, Paul Kondas, Einar Vene, Kalju Simson and others. Neo-Naivism seeks to amplify the mind and heart, technology and shamanism, crafts and digital. If Valdur Mikita has said about modern Estonians: "We are shamans with smartphones", then in art it would sound something like "we are witchcraft artists without 3D glasses". The modern neo-naive conveys cosmic information and energy to us with his pictures. He is fearless, honest and positive. His ultimate goal is to be happy and to convey that feeling of happiness to other people through art. Neo-naïve works heal and ship with the surrounding creative force. Neo-Naïve painters respect the traditions of painting from the first cave paintings. They respect craftsmanship because the hand connects the brain, heart and space. Neo-Naive is conservative, old-fashioned and universally provincial. At the same time, he is exactly what the world needs today. His provincialism makes him the Artist of the Universe.

Participating artists:
Maria Bouchuk - Tiina Büttner -  Ashot Jegikjan - Grisli Soppe Kahar - Danel Kahar  - Kairo - Kaie Kal - Kate Kalniete (Läti) - Anna Kõuhkna - August Künnapu - Vilen Künnapu - Leonhard Lapin - Meru - Johanna Mudist - Anu Muiste - Marko Mäetamm - Karl-Kristjan Nagel - Aleksejs Naumovs (Läti) - Juss Piho - QBA -  Tiiu Rebane - Ingmar Roomets - Rait Rosin - Blazej Ruzin (Poola) - Lembit Sarapuu - Kaljo Simson - Lena Snow (Saksamaa) - Sven-Erik Stamberg - Andres Sütevaka - Evelyn Zolotko - Margus Tiitsma - Jaan Toomik - Julia Valtanen - Steve Vanoni  - Dagne Ventina (Läti) - Daniel Ülper

Additional information:
Kadrioru Gallery
Vesivärava 50, Tallinn (Entrance through Gosnsiori st.)
Mon–Fri 9.00–20.00
Ast 9.00–18.00

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