Exhibition "Tiger in Space"


Open from Saturday, September 12 from noon.  
Artists: Julian Charrière, Iggy Malmborg, Eduardo Navarro, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Jeremy Shaw, Karl Sjölund, Martta Tuomaala, Ana Vaz, Kristina Õllek
Curators: Marten Esko, Vanina Saracino and Lea Vene
"Tiger in Space" sets out to address and think about the resourceful and at times oversaturated notion of energy. It departs from common approaches to the imminent transition we face – transition from fossil fuel dependency towards other forms of usable energy.
This transition will bring about essential practical changes, but it will only succeed if it is accompanied by a cognitive shift in our understanding of energy and its dominantly utility-driven connotations, as not all that is energy can be harnessed or put to use.
Within the exhibition various instances of the idea of excess energy are tackled; ranging from the surplus of energy production to utopian community building. This range of elaborations, areas of focus and critical insights is brought together and amplified by the exhibited artworks, which include both earlier works as well as new commissions. They variably underline either how the excess of energy could be approached and squandered; or take and expand on certain instances of energy-related excessiveness.
Exhibition publication available here
Graphic design: Allan Appelberg
Supporters: Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Estonian Ministry of Culture, Frame Contemporary Art Finland, Foundation for Arts Initiatives, Region Norrbotten
The exhibition is open until November 1.
EKKM is following the recommendations of the Ministry of Culture and the Health Board for safe exhibition visits. We have disinfectant dispensers next to EKKM's entrance and participatory artworks.
Additional information:
Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia
Põhja puiestee 35
10415, Tallinn
Tue–Sun 12–19
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