Experimental underwater glass art exhibition at Rummu quarry


glass artists Maarja Mäemets, Rait Lõhmus
In collaboration with Barrakuuda Sukeldumisklubi and Rummu Adventurecenter, glass artists and freedivers Maarja Mäemets and Rait Lõhmus are for the first time opening an unique underwater glass art exhibition u n d e r  t h e  w a t e r  o n  t h e   m o o n  at Rummu quarry in Summer 2020. Rummu, with its clear waters and one of a kind environment, attracts both national and international audiences . One could compare the sunken prison ruins with an underwater museum that is simply asking for a more comprehensive exhibition. The artists believe that water will create a new context for their creation, challenge their installing and visualizing skills as well as expand immensely the whole art experience.
exhibition concept :
glass, concrete, ready-made
u n d e r  t h e   w a t e r  o n  t h e  m o o n is an image, a concept of a similar vibration frequency that one would encounter either at the bottom of water or in deep space. Loneliness, silence, blurring of the concept of time, strange light - this is how artists and freedivers Maarja Mäemets and Rait Lõhmus would explain their descent into the depths of water. Added to this is a special all-encompassing experience that seems as impossible to describe as a trip to the Moon. Installation fragments, photo recordings and video clips are the artists' inner reflections of their experiences underwater.
u n d e r  t h e  w a t e r o n  t h e  m o o n in Rummu quarry is artists' first major location-specific exhibition, where installations of glass, concrete and ready-made objects are exhibited. Mäemets and Lõhmus have created installations on the sunken territory of the former Rummu prison that speak of loneliness not only through the surroundings but also through one's inner journey. The thought of hours, days, years locked behind prison walls seems as strange of a journey as descending underwater or a flight to the moon.
the artists would like to thank :
freedivers Toomas Kivikas and Vahur Vogt, glassblower Aleksandra Pavlenkova, Rummu Adventurecenter, Sander Kiviselg, Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Okapi Gallery, Certex Eesti OÜ
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