Inga Heamägi's exhibition “Ps141:2”


This current exhibition is part of my personal exhibition, which took place in March 2019 at Draakon Gallery (“PS. The Psalms and Prophet Jonah in the
Belly of the Whale”) The Psalms or Psalter (Hebrew םי לִּ הִ תְּ tehillim, Greek ψαλμοί) is one of the most important and well-known part of the Jewish and Christian scripture. There are 150 psalms.
The central theme of the psalms is praise give to the Lord. The main task of human life is to pray and render praise. All the creation, but especially the human heart, is a temple of God. Accordig to psalms, there is a knowledge of the source and purpose of life in our hearts.
Psalm 141:2
“Let my prayer arise as incense before you, the lifting up of my hands as an
evening sacrifice...” (Psalm 141:2).
Incense symbolises the love of God that he pours on us all, and the grace of the Holy Spirit, which spreads on the faithful as a good odour. A priest says when blessing the censer: “We offer you incense, O Christ our God, for an odour of spiritual fragrance. Receive it upon your heavenly altar, and send down upon us in return the grace of your all-holy Spirit”.
Inga Heamägi (b. 1961), graduated with a degree in graphic arts in the Estonian Academy of Arts in Graphics Department in 1988, worked as an AD in advertising agencies at Laks & Ko and Inorek & Gray, taught graphics and drawing at Estonian Academy of Arts, an artist and designer at the Estonian Apostolic Orthodox Church publishing house. Designing books and exhibitions. 33 personal exhibitions, over 70 participations in international graphic biennialstriennials; 15 curated exhibitions; designed 21 exhibitions of the Estonian Art Museum; more than 45 group exhibitions. During the last 6 years hasb participated in juries, expert committees of art competitions, etc. (Chairman of the Board of Estonian Graphic Artists Association from 2012–2020; President of the International Jury of the 1st international Yerevan graphic art biennial, Armenia; member of the council of the Estonian Cultural Endowment for the Visual and Applied Arts Foundation 2015–2017). Winner of the 2nd Award Wiiralt Prize 2019. From the autumn of 2018 works as the director of Kohila Training Center in Tohisoo Manor.
The exhibition is open until rhe end of October.
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