Jaanus Samma’s First Comprehensive Monograph "Flow of Patterns" Launch and Guided Tour


On Thursday, May 23, the artist Jaanus Samma’s first comprehensive monograph "Flow of Patterns" will be launched in Estonia at the Kumu Art Museum.

Before the book launch, at 17:00, you can join a guided tour of the exhibition "Elisarion: Elisàr von Kupffer and Jaanus Samma" led by artist Jaanus Samma and curator Kadi Polli. 

The book launch begins at 18:00 in the Kumu atrium, followed by a panel discussion featuring the artist Jaanus Samma, the Dutch curator, critic, and editor of the book, Krist Gruijthuijsen, and curator of contemporary art Ann Mirjam Vaikla. Both events are in English. 

During the book launch, you can get yourself (or a friend!) a copy for a discounted price of 33€. After the book launch, you can find the book in Kumu's museum shop for 39€.

A museum ticket is required to join the guided tour. The book launch and panel discussion have free admission.

The book is edited by Krist Gruijthuijsen
Contributions by Jeppe Ugelvig, Linda Kaljundi and Léon Kruijswijk
Co-published by Lugemik, Tallinn & Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther und Franz König, Köln


Jaanus Samma is known for queering seemingly harmless subject matters on national representation through explorations on sexuality and notions of publicness’ in his work. A re-occurring theme is the concept of folklore as a form of cultural circulation open to queer reinterpretation. By using traditional techniques, the artist navigates through various forms of communication, which at first seem innocent but at close inspection present an array of gay and queer symbolism. Flow of Patterns presents a body of work from the past twenty years – from his graduation work on swimming pools up until his recent exhibition, which scrutinized masculinity as a form of national representation.


Find the event on Kumu's website here and on Facebook here

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