Koplimets’s solo exhibition “Case No. 16. Elements of Fear (5 Ways to End the World)”


From Friday, October 23 Karel Koplimets’s solo exhibition “Case No. 16. Elements of Fear (5 Ways to End the World)” can be visited in the large gallery of the Tartu Art House. The new exhibition will deal with different doomsday scenarios and their depiction in films. The curator is Kaisa Maasik.
In his new project, Koplimets continues examining fears and paranoias, focusing on sci-fi films that end with the extinction of humankind. These plots are combined with the effects of climate change, which are surprisingly under-represented in films. Even if the end in blockbusters isn’t the outcome of our ecological ignorance, it presumably won’t be as improbable and explosion-driven as the film industry leads us to believe.
Karel Koplimets (b 1986) is an artist working mainly with narrative installations through camera-based mediums. Koplimets used to work with notions like fear, paranoias and criminality, but has dealt with phenomena related to the economical and geopolitical situation in his latest projects. He has graduated from the Department of Photography of the Estonian Academy of Arts and is currently attending the postgraduate residency programme HISK in Belgium. Since 2020, Koplimets is one of the recipients of the artist laureate salary.
The exhibition is open until November 15, 2020.
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