Kristi Kongi “I see a glow from the seabed. It has no end, no beginning. And the color changes in every moment.”


On July 14th at 5pm KORDON Art Residency is opening the Container Gallery first time at Hiiumaa with Kristi Kongi installation “I see a glow from the seabed. It has no end, no beginning. And the color changes in every moment.” 
Kristi Kongi: It is a site-specific painting installation created for Kärdla, Hiiumaa, for the Kordon Residency Container Gallery. The keywords for the installation were: time, movement of light, warm-cold light, shadows, darkness, a place. I was at the Kordon residency in November 2019.  The exhibition idea comes from November. From the darkest time of the year. For  planning the installation I started with mapping the area. I was watching how the light moved inside the sea. I observed the movement of darkness at the sea. I painted mind maps which are based on these movements.
Kristi Kongi (born in 1985, in Tallinn) is an Estonian painter who focuses on colour, light and space in her works: paintings that take the form of installations and are created for specific settings. Painting  is for her a way of documenting different spaces and objects of personal importance and  thereby capturing time. 
The KORDON Art Residency in Hiiumaa is launching the Container Gallery in Kärdla to create contemporary art and space projects to interact with topical issues in a global context. The shipping container as biggest package is a spatial intervention that highlights how nature is at odds with technology and capitalist (over-)consumption.
Installation will be open until August 16th,  Ranna 1, Kärdla,
On opening there is an artist talk with the artist Kristi Kongi and Kadi-Ell Tähiste.
Kristi Kongi exhibition and Kordon Artist Talk supported by:
Estonian Cultural Endowment
Kordon Container Gallery supported by:
Estonian Cultural Endowment, Eesti Rahvakultuuri Keskus, Estonian Association of Interior Architects, Wermstock, Floorin, Vivarec, Interstudio, Hals Interiors, Lincona, Moodne Valgustus, Fagerhult, Hansgrohe/AXOR, Borg, Vitra Vannitoad, Intera, Peeter Kangur
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