Kursi Artists' Group XXXV birthday exhibition



Opening of Kursi Artists' Group XXXV birthday exhibition is on the 25th of November at 5 p.m in Vana-Võromaa Museum and Art Gallery.

The colourful Kursi Artists' Group is travelling to Võru for the first time to celebrate their XXXV birthday with an exhibition. For this occasion, nine Kursi Artists' Group members and one guest artist have gathered their most interesting pieces. Several of these works have been hidden in their studios for years, but now they will meet again.

Kursi Artists' Group was founded in 1988 in Tartu by Peeter Allik, Albert Gulk, Ilmar Kruusamäe and Peeter Pangsepp. Its purpose is and was to differ from Tallinn artists and artists who work with classical art in Tartu. The exhibition will show hyperrealistic, surrealistic and conceptual artworks. Kursi Artists' Group book published in 2015 will also be available at the museum. 

Exhibition will be open until the 15th of January.

Curator: Ilmar Kruusamäe.

Artists: Albert Gulk, Andrus Kasemaa (1941–2016), Ilmar Kruusamäe, Imat Suumann, Külli Suitso, Peeter Allik (1966–2019), Priit Pajos, Priit Pangsepp, Reiu Tüür ja külaliskunstnik Lauri Pajos. 

Graphic designer: Henri Kutsar.

Supporters: Eesti Kultuurkapital.

Thanks: Siim Asmer. 

Additional information:
Stella Mõttus
Vana-Võromaa Museum and Art Gallery's gallerist
E-post: stella.mottus [at] wi.ee
Tel: +372 55 999 609

Vana-Võromaa Museum and Art Gallery
Katariina allee 11, Võru linn
Wed–Sun 10.00–18.00 


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