Lembe Ruben´s exhibition “Nothingness”


Lembe Ruben´s exhibition of prints in Haapsalu Linnagalerii
Feb 4 th until Feb 28 th. 2021
I had a dream. Arvo Pärt revealed me the secret of composing the ultimate Oneness.

Skipping a certain amount of notes creates the perfect wholeness in music. What matters most is the absence. The pauses between rhythms ; the missing layers and reduced structure create the Oneness. It is like a worn-out lace curtain - we sense the repeating pattern, although we do not see the missing parts.
The same is with Pärts` music. We sense something that is not really there. But the latently existing structure in our head recovers the absent notes or patterns. Since its familiar to the brain, it is highly enjoyable. I was told in a dream that a work of art , that was created using the code pushes the body towards salutogenesis- the healing process. The body starts to recreate missing patterns in this system.
The structure of life exists everywhere. It is both inside and outside us, repeating in different created objects. It is our challenge to learn to understand it. But the nature itself gives us a hint - the right way of being, once we´re accomplished the ability to read it. Our ancestors have been manipulating with this reality through these patterns. The rumour has that the error was woven consciously inside the pattern in order to enable changes and improvement.
The artist uses random hints of that complicated wholeness of life. It is like a puzzle. When You solve the puzzle, You understand the code. The observer fills the void with his own interpretation. But only if it moves on somehow - whether in forms of a tone or a drawing. The perfect piece of art forms in our head according to our personal feelings and experiences. Suddenly there is something that didn’t exist before. Something we cannot touch nor measure.
The artist acts like a wood-chopper in a forest, leaving only a handful of trees to grow on. The audience feels sympathetic to the loss of trees. Therefore he puts them back in the forest, using imagination. The missing part of the system is what activates the phantasy. The invisible part of the world is the most important one. A cleansing state of.mind, the Void creates patterns.
The distance between objects - the non-existing part, the Nothing - is the key. The dotted, embossed fabrics makes surprisingly complicated patterns, when You place the layers on one another. The pattern varies according to different angles.
Creating is the co-appearance of resonating layers - it needs the hole trinity : the creative spirit and a certain event of life plus the unknown factor, the It. Different angles create new patterns with varying densities. The creating process always includes multiple choices. The certain change of space creates different spatial worlds - the situations and circumstances. Thanks to the isolation times the distance has somehow accomplished a new meaning.
Every visitor can be an artist in this exhibition - to make multi-layered new worlds out of a simple structure. We all are in a mutual development, this is one of the basic needs of a spiritual human.
My series of imprints is dedicated to Being intertwined with silence; a rhythm of pauses and intervals. My work is a research of the order of the Patterns. Even if we lack something in earthly everyday matters this “necessity” or “question” is also a meaningful part of the larger Order.
Emptiness leads a way towards wholeness.
Lembe Ruben
Big thanks: Kaupo Kangur, Siim Soop, Agur Kruusing, Mirja-Mari Smidt ja Eesti Kultuurkapital
Additional information:
Agur Kruusing
Haapsalu City Gallery
Posti 3, 90502 Haapsalu
Wed–Sun 12.00–18.00
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