“The Magic of Beauty” by Eduard Zentsik


Exhibition “The Magic of Beauty”, Eduard Zentsik
Opening 23.03 at 17.00
Ajamaja Gallery, Tallinna 16, Kuressaare, Estonia

Welcome to the opening of a unique exhibition. We present to you an exposition titled “The Magic of Beauty” by the artist Eduard Zentsik. Beauty is something infinite and boundless! It is embodied in the eternity of harmony. The author conveys profound messages through images of femininity and mystery, enveloped in magic, symbolism, and mysticism. Meanwhile, modernity adds relevance and interest to this unique combination.

You will have the opportunity to enjoy the artist's new works, which invite you on a captivating journey through his imagination and vision of beauty. The author strives to surprise his admirers and once again captivate them with the magical world of his creativity. We are all unique, and our perception of beauty is diverse and subjective, but what unites us is the aspiration toward it. Let us openly embrace diverse perspectives and revel in this diversity. Perhaps, it is in beauty that lies the power capable of changing the world.

Info:  tel: 372 502 6782
Kuraator: Thea Karin;
Art of Eduard Zentsik ph. 372 55950295;

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