MUHU PRINT 2020 13.07- 19.07 At EAA Muhu A.I Residency, Muhu Island, Estonia


The sixth international printmaking workshop for professional artists will take place on Muhu island Estonia. The event is organized by the Association of Estonian Printmakers. 20 invited artists from Estonia, Finland and Poland are participaiting.
This years topic is "Prints conquer space".
In a world where the inability to cope with real life highly increases, we invite You to a trip into a two-dimensional space that` s filled with graphic imprints. The surroundings of Muhu island enable us to make a site-specific work of art; thus using the means of both our inner and outer world.
By means of graphic expression we create a brand new level to our works- the so-called third dimension. Paper, space and a varyingly accomplishable technique give us multiple chances for that. Let us find out if a 2-dimensional work of art can describe the depths of a 3-dimensional world in a more precise way than the digital world can ever offer.
This year we provide CARBORUNDUM – CHINE COLLÉ workshop by Lembe Ruben
Sirkku Ketola printmaking project "A Body Called Paula" will be performed during the creative week. The project is a performative installation that mixes screen printing with performance. Part installation, part performance, A Body Called Paula is a piece that develops over the days of the installation through long-duration performance sessions. With the ethereal soundtrack the movements of the body become a sensual machine. The main themes addressed are time/ temporality, pleasure and the meditative process of working. The project has been seen so far in Toronto, Turku, New York and Helsinki.
Sirkku Ketola works and lives in Finland and stays regularly in Belgium. Her exhibitions have passed through the international borders appealing different galleries and museums. As renowned in silkscreen, she is often solicit to teach and lecture in art academies.
You are all welcome to the concert and exhibition on the 18th of July at 19.00!
Lembe Lokk (born 1975 in Tallinn) is a singer, instrumentalist and songwriter with a unique voice and style. She studied singing in a Paris jazz school Cim-Infimm and developed under the guidance of number of distinguished musicians. For the last couple of decades she has been working and making music mainly in France, but also Germany, USA and Estonia.
Inspiring atmosphere supports connections and exchanges between artists with different backgrounds and co-operation projects arise frequently as a result. The results of the week culminates in a joint exhibition in Tallinn 2.- 22. November at ARS Project Space.
Looking forward to seeing you in Muhu!
Muhu Print organizers Lembe Ruben Kangur, Kadri Toom
muhuprint [at]
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