Painting by Mauri Gross, Solstice to win the Audience Award of the Spring Exhibition


Nearly 2,000 visitors to the legendary Spring Exhibition held at Tallinn Art Hall selected the painting by Mauri Gross as their favourite from among the works by 72 participating artists.

For the fifth time already, art patrons Riivo Anton, Aivar Berzin, Jaan Manitski, Tiit Pruuli and Rain Tamm presented a prize of 5,000 euros for the winner of the audience vote at the Spring Exhibition. The audience vote at the 22nd Annual Exhibition of the Estonian Artists’ Association, which took place in the summer heat this year, ended on 7 August.  A total of 1,892 visitors selected their favourite from among the 72 participating artists, with 220 people voting for the work by painter Mauri Gross, Solstice.

Presenting the the Audience Award to the winner, art patron Tiit Pruuli commented: “I’m happy to see that the Spring Exhibition is still popular. I’m glad that the exhibition reflects its time. What is sad is that it is a difficult, even depressing time. Perhaps the world is indeed going through a pivotal time, moving from joy to sadness. Mauri Gross’s Solstice is a significant work in this sense.”

Artist Mauri Gross on his painting, Solstice: “With its whirlwind momentum, this nature painting with flowers is like a fireworks of plants! The message is short: enjoy nature and its messages! You don’t need to be a weather forecaster to be observant in nature. Not everyone is an artist who enjoys and appreciates art. Solstice could catch a person’s eye for a moment like an icon, serving as a gate between man and nature.”

The ten artists receiving most votes at this year’s Annual Exhibition were (in alphabetical order) Jaan Elken, Mauri Gross, Liisa Kruusmägi, Urve Küttner, Terje Ojaver, Enn Põldroos, Anne Türn, Marta Vaarik, Valeri Vinogradov and Toomas Vint. The Spring Exhibition can be viewed at the Tallinn Art Hall until 14 August. On the final day of the exhibition, accordionist Tuulikki Bartosik will perform at the exhibition hall as part of the Solo concert series at 4 pm. Spring Exhibition 2022 takes place in cooperation with the Estonian Artists’ Association.
Winner of this year’s Audience Award, Mauri Gross (b. 1969) graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts with a degree in scenography. He mainly works in oil painting, but is also active in the fields of graphic and interior design. Gross is inspired by his awe of traditional painting. In his latest works, he deals with the subjective value and changing meanings of painted figures. He paints ordinary everyday objects, observing how the limelight of classical oil painting changes their value and meaning. With his works Gross wishes to involve the viewer in experiencing the dissonance created by the interaction of high-quality painting techniques and everyday objects. Mauri Gross is a member of the Estonian Artists’ Association and has participated in solo and group exhibitions as well as art projects since 1991.

At the award ceremony, the President of the Estonian Artists’ Association, Elin Kard presented this year’s exhibition catalogue, designed by Maris Lindoja, which can be purchased from the book store of Tallinn Art Hall. In addition, a gift voucher of 500 euros for the NOBA platform was drawn from among all the voters. Works displayed at the Spring Exhibition can be purchased in the exhibition hall of Tallinn Art Hall until the end of the exhibition, as well as on the NOBA platform.

The Tallinn Art Hall Foundation is a contemporary art establishment that presents exhibitions in three galleries on the central square of Tallinn – at Tallinn Art Hall and nearby at Tallinn City Gallery and the Art Hall Gallery. 

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