Quarantine exhibition and contactless art auction in the Tartu Art House


On Monday, 11 May curatorial exhibition “On Monday It Was Still Snowy” about staying at home and being in quarantine will be opened in the large and small galleries of the Tartu Art House. In the monumental gallery, the Tartu Art Auction exhibition is once again open and the auction itself will take place on 29 May.
The project by the curator Peeter Talvistu uses two different approaches to summarise the situation and sensibilities of the last two months. In the small gallery, the works of Eerik Haamer, Marko Mäetamm and Diana Tamane represent the factual elements of being separated by the walls of your home from the rest of the society. We have all passed through the stadiums of need for closeness, loosing our minds and exploding with the pent up pressure.
The curator met the authors and projects of the large gallery during the emergency on social media and all of them have a strong poetic connection with everything we just experienced. Eero Ijavoinen, Elise Christin Jörberg, Kalli Kalde, Mette Mari Kaljas, Paul Lepasson, Marja-Liisa Plats, Vahur Puik and Mattias Reinula participate. These are semi-random discoveries that in one way or another have become intertwined with the events that both connected and separated the whole world.
In the ground floor lobby, the two galleries are joined together by the video conversation of the art historian Indrek Grigor and the painter Peeter Krosmann where they seek answers to more practical questions. The title of the exhibition, “On Monday It Was Still Snowy” accompanied Vahur Puik’s video as a commentary on his Facebook wall.
We thank the Tartu Art Museum and all participating artists for their quick response and cooperation.
The exhibition is open until 31 May.
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Right now is the best time to support Estonian artists!
The re-opened exhibition of the Tartu Art Auction 2020 includes 50 artists and 51 works. All the art works are also available at oksjon.kunstimaja.ee
The auction takes place on Friday 29 May at 5 p.m.! Contactless participation in a Zoom video conference is available but we hope that by that time physical participation is also possible. The auction is conducted by Reigo Kuivjõgi. Participants must register with their contact details at oksjon [at] kunstimaja.ee and they must also notify whether they prefer physical, videoconference or telephone participation. Precise rules can be found on the auction website. Participate in the auction, acquire good art and have a unique experience!
Indrek Aavik, Peeter Allik, Vano Allsalu, Maria Evestus, Lemme Haldre, Mirjam Hinn, Eero Ijavoinen, Pille Johanson, Siiri Jüris, Olesja Katšanovskaja-Münd, Kiwa, Peeter Krosmann, Gennadi Kurlenkov, Toomas Kuusing, Koidu Laur, Peeter Laurits, Heikki Leis, Tea Lemberpuu, Marita Liivak, Katrin Maask, Ove Maidla, Margus Meinart, Herkki Erich Merila, Katariin Mudist, Vahram Muradyan, Peeter Must, Gleb Netšvolodov, Mall Nukke, Eva Elise Oll, Anne Parmasto, Marja-Liisa Plats, Laura Põld, Enn Põldroos, Mari Roosvalt, Martti Ruus, Eneli Rõigas, Ahti Seppet, Maria Sidljarevitš, Regina-Mareta Soonsein, Imat Suumann, Jevgeni Zolotko, Maris Tammer,
Kadri Toom, Alar Tuul, Maris Tuuling, Martin Urb, Helle Vahersalu, Valeri Vinogradov, Von Bomb, Liisi Örd

Auction has been organized by the Tartu Artists’ Union and the Art & Tonic Gallery.
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