Registration for the annual exhibition of Tartu art 2022 has begun!


The designer of this year’s exhibition, Enn Tegova thinks that it is the ultimate moment to start preparing for a serious performance and wants the artists to surprise the visitors with the highest artistic quality from our city.

Authors from all over Estonia can participate, and the designer intends to convene a jury to select the works.

Each artist can present a maximum of two works/sets, with no restrictions on material, technique and format. Information about the works and image files can be submitted using the form on the website of Tartu Art House:

Like last year, it is possible to add your exhibition works to NOBA’s art sales platform. For this purpose, the desired final price for the sale must also be indicated when submitting the works. If the work is sold through NOBA, they will receive a 20% commission from this price. Prices are also displayed in the gallery, and direct sales do not incur a commission. For example: if the selling price of the work is 1,000 euros, the artist will receive 1,000 euros in case of sale from the gallery, 800 euros in case of sale through NOBA. The works will remain in the NOBA environment even after the end of the exhibition, but they can be removed from there very easily if desired.

Registration for the Tartu Art Annual Exhibition 2022 ends at midnight on 13 November!

Additional information:
Enn Tegova
E-mail: enntegova39 [at]
Tel: +372 551 8344

Elika Kiilo-Kulpsoo
Tartu Kunstimaja projektijuht
E-mail: projekt [at]
Tel: +372 5392 0603

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