Tallinn Art Hall to open its doors on 13 May


Tallinn Art Hall will open its doors to visitors again on 13 May and will extend the opening time of Endless Story, an exhibition of Paul Kuimet and Mihkel Ilus, until the end of this month.

Endless Story, a duo exhibition of the works of Paul Kuimet and Mihkel Ilus, was open to the public for only a week before the state of emergency was declared in Estonia, but those interested were able to visit the exhibition on Tallinn Art Hall’s innovative environment of virtual exhibitions. 3,500 people have already visited the exhibition on our virtual platform and participated in virtual guided tours.

Mihkel Ilus himself is also waiting to see the works at the exhibition again with a fresh eye: “Thinking about the times of change has been one of the starting points of this exhibition. Despite these strange times, or precisely because of these, the exhibition has acquired additional meanings.”

For Paul Kuimet, the reopening will make us aware of the meaning of space: “The closing and reopening of an exhibition shows with uncommon sharpness how irreplaceable the experience of art is in a three-dimensional space. In a room where objects are arranged according to the viewer’s movement trajectory, where the appearance of the works is related to the nature of the light outdoors, and where the 16 mm film is actually projected in front of the viewer.”

The exhibition curated by Siim Preiman is significant for the two artists, because they are both operating in territories new to them. Kuimet, who has for many years captured modernist architecture, shows us how London’s Crystal Palace, built in the 1850s, became an archetype of the official architecture of global capitalism through copying and distortion. After many years of the playful deconstruction of painting, Mihkel Ilus has reached the point where he can use his developed visual language to tell stories outside of the world of painting. By displaying human-sized men-easels in different situations, he makes reference to the political and work culture in Estonia.

Tallinn Art Hall will continue its planned programme with a one-month delay. Exhibitions cancelled due to the state of emergency (solo exhibition of Maria Valdma at the City Gallery and the duo exhibition of Sirja-Liisa Eelma and Mari Kurismaa at the Art Hall Gallery) will be opened by Tallinn Art Hall in January as the first exhibitions of next year’s programme. The updated times of all exhibitions can be found on the website of Tallinn Art Hall.

The exhibition of Paul Kuimet and Mihkel Ilus, Endless Story, will be open until 31 May. Tallinn Art Hall will hold regular guided tours upon pre-registration for a maximum of 10 people. The Art Hall is currently preparing for the annual Spring Exhibition, to be opened at the beginning of June, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.

Tallinn Art Hall is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm. Tallinn Art Hall will ensure that there is enough space between visitors on the 500 square metres of its spacious exhibition halls and that there is regular disinfection of the halls and surfaces.

Further information: kunstihoone.eeFacebook and sirli [at] kunstihoone.ee (Sirli Oot)

 (Tel: +372 5873 6841)
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