Toomas Tõnissoo „I RECALL”


April 15 – May 12, 2024

Metropol 6 m2 and Metropol Cabinet (Vana-Kalamaja 46, Tallinn)

Next exhibition of gallery Metropol offers a supportive ceiling and floor to an artist who has been and is in the center of events every day and at the same time slips out of focus and out of the picture.

What is being and do we rembember it? What stays in the mind anyway?
And does making art have anything to do with all of this?
Here, the artist, the viewer and the gallery are on one equal position and we can start looking together.

Toomas explains:
"...the exhibits in the exhibition are most similar to paintings,
but it is not certain; I've been trying to figure out some things
mainly based on recollection, but the result causes misunderstanding and uncertainty;
I believe that mathematics is the basis of how the world works,
some formulas, some equations, some multipliers, but I can't follow the logic of calculation systems,
I just am, my body waits with me, in the meantime it's pretty nice and quiet as I try to figure out what's going on.

sometimes I paint, at least I try something like that, mostly I can't decide between woodworking, gardening or art, since I don't have enough time besides work anyway, I just go to work, I go to schools, VHK, PJK, EKA and I work, I get paid for nothing, for giving lessons, basically things that don't exist."  

Toomas Tõnissoo has been part of Estonian art scene since the mid-nineties, first in tandem with Laurentsius, later with Kadri Kangilaski, made monumental commissioned works, travelled around, raised children, created a community, taught and lived his life.

If you don’t forget about it, you're welcome! This is the artist's first ever solo exhibition.

Metropol Gallery is located in Tallinn at Vana-Kalamaja street 46. To visit the exhibition after the opening, contact the artist directly or arrange your visit with the gallery beforehand by calling +372 5217649 or +372 53750662 and ring the doorbell on arrival. You can also send a message via social media.

More information:
Toomas Tõnissoo, +372 55578919,
Kaarel Kütas +372 5217649, or
Triinu Jürves
FB: Metropol galerii
IG: metropolkapp
Metropol in NOBA art map:


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