Valeri Vinogradov's personal exhibition Vinogradov Without Dubossarski


Valeri Vinogradov's personal exhibition Vinogradov Without Dubossarski will be open in Draakon gallery since Tuesday, June 9th, 2020. The exhibition will be open until July 4th.
Painter Valeri Vinogradov (b. 1952 in Moscow) has studied in Moscow State Academic Art School 1905 and in former Estonian State Art Institute (now Estonian Academy of Arts). Vinogradov has participated in exhibitions since 1984 – besides holding numerous personal exhibitions, the artist has taken part in more than three hundred group exhibitions both in Estonia and abroad. Vinogradov's artwork has been acknowledged with Konrad Mägi Award (1992) and Kristan Raud Art Award (2010).
Valeri Vinogradov's artwork can be characterized by the balanced combination of aesthetics and intricacy. Art historian Ants Juske has interpreted Valeri Vinogradov's professional genesis as follows: "In the spirit of strict Russian realism, Vinogradov acquired a strong basis for academic painting in the Moscow art school. His painting style changed considerably in more liberal conditions in Estonia where he gradually reached pure abstractionism." As the result of his strong basic education in painting and refined perception of the world, Vinogradov has gained recognition with his conceptual works of painting and sociocritical collages since 1990s.
The central piece of his current exhibition – portrait "Exorcism" – depicts a Yakut shaman Aleksandr Gabyshev who embarked on a 5000-kilometre-long journey to Moscow in order to drive President Vladimir Putin from power as Gabyshev called him demonically possessed. Gabyshev became widely known in 2019 when he called Putin "evil" and started to walk more than 2000 km from Siberia to Moscow while collecting many supporters and disciples on his way. However, he was arrested in Buryatia in December 2019 and taken to a psychiatric hospital in Yakutia.
Current exhibition also presents Vinogradov's series of portraits "Sobutõlniki" that depicts the artist's friends with whom they have discussed more or less important subjects throughout the past decades. Another series "Other persons“ depicts various individuals who have reached Vinogradov's paintings during various times, covering the empty walls. The artist comments on his work: "Throughout the times and moments of history, people have deserved to be recorded, although for very different reasons, purposes or places. A portrait can serve either as a glorification, recollection, memory or research – since the concept itself can be interpreted in several ways and places in a contemporary context."
Special gratitude to: Anne Parmasto.
Exhibition is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.
Exhibitions in Draakon gallery are supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Estonian Ministry of Culture and Liviko Ltd.
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