Exhibition “Is This the Museum We Wanted? The Narva Version”


The exhibition “Is This the Museum We Wanted? The Narva Version” will open on Wednesday, January 22 at 5 pm at Narva Museum Art Gallery.
“Is This the Museum We Wanted? The Narva Version” is adiscussion-oriented, participatory exhibition that allows everyone who cares about Narva’s art scene to experience a high-quality exhibition programme that includes both art heritage and contemporary art. The exhibition signals a new shift of emphasis for the Narva Museum Art Gallery, the goal being to spark broader discussion about what the function, role and target audience of a modern art institution should be in this border town.
The point of departure is Narva and the Narva Museum Art Gallery itself. On one hand, it’s a very subjective exhibi- tion, created with the eye of a non-local, reflecting the curator’s observations, experiences, and ideas. On the other hand, the exhibit combines the museum’s art collection and internationally relevant contemporary art, examining the options available for an art institution in a post- industrial, post-nationalist locale, away from the bright lights of bigger centres.
Curator Rael Artel suggests the visitors following: “The exhibition can be viewed in many ways – we can let ourselves be guided by the topic of the exhibition and ponder the dilemmas of art and life, or we can go from displayed artwork to artwork and embrace the thoughts and feelings that spontaneously arise. We can just walk through the exhibition, pause for a few seconds before a work of interest, actively use our critical faculties, express an opinion, and revisit the exhibition a second or third time. Everyone is welcome to find their own way of experiencing the exhibition and taking part in the art gallery’s activities.” The exhibition is accompanied with a publication of similar name that is published in Estonian, Russian and English.
Exhibition team:
Curator: Rael Artel
Participating artists: Alexei Gordin, Toril Johannessen, Sandra
Kosorotova, John-Phillip Mäkinen, Evi Pärn, Mark Raidpere, Althea
Thauberger, Katarina Zdjelar
Works selected from Narva Museum collection: Galina Smirnova
Consultants: Maria Kapajeva, Jaroslavna Nazarova, Ann Mirjam Vaikla
Graphic design: Jaan Evart
Designer: Tõnu Narro

Thanks to: Art Museum of Estonia, Private collectors, Reigo Kuivjõgi,
Tanel Murre, Dmitri Nedopjokin, Liina Raus, Annika Räim, Denis Zimin
Support provided by: Cultural Endowment of Estonia
Additional information:
Rael Artel
Tanel Murre
Head of communication
Narva Museum Art Gallery
Vestervalli 21, 20306, Narva
Tel: +372 359 9230
Wed 11
20, Thu 1118
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