Mari-Leen Kiipli's exhibition „Husa”


Husa is a grove that is filled with postures of thinking and feeling driven by lushy landscapes of city and beyond. Our full breath takes about three seconds while plants inhale in a day and exhale during the night. This different rhythm puts us in fast forward pace. The scene is carried by night winds, emotional wreckage, cars, building lots, flying insects and movement of plants.

Husa is made of

a set of unbroken car windows
bent armature, concrete
water, dripping
second hand jewellery
lace boots
Ensis shells
twining plants of Ipomoea genus
runner beans

Mari-Leen Kiipli (b.1988) has studied photography at Estonian Academy of Arts and at Pallas University of Applied Sciences, did an exchange at Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and currently lives and works in Tallinn. Mari-Leen Kiipli was awarded the annual Prize of Estonian Cultural Endowment in 2018 and her installation Passiflora presented by the Estonian Union of Photography Artists FOKU was awarded in Expanded Screen section at The Others Art Fair in Torino. Her works have been exhibited at Unseen Art Fair in Amsterdam and Foto Tallinn with Kogo Gallery.

Exhibition in Haapsalu City Gallery is open from 4. July till
2. August.

Thanks: Artjom Jurov, Kaspar Roosalu, Jaanus Kiipli
Exhibition is supported by Estonian Cultural Endowement

Additional information:
Agur Kruusing
Haapsalu City Gallery
Posti 3, 90502 Haapsalu
Wed–Sun 12.00–18.00
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