Invitation / Online auction-exhibition „Baltic Art 4 Ukraine“


We would like to invite Baltic painters to submit artwork for an online exhibition we are organizing titled “Baltic Art 4 Ukraine”.

The exhibition is also an auction where all collected money (painters get their fair price!) will be donated to Ukrainian war victims in need of a prothesis.

We invite Baltic artists to submit up to 4 .jpeg images of their paintings, either via our Facebook page or by sending them via e-mail to:

support (@) not later than 30.10.2023 at 20.00h.

Art is a force for good! We are stronger together!

Additional information: 
Peter Zashev, professor (associate) in management with the Stockholm School of Economics and also founder of the art community, a project that promotes contemporary East European visual art.
Tel: +358 40 708 5151 

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