Flo Kasearu
Public talk by Flo Kasearu on Tuesday, November 5 at 5pm in room A502   Flo Kasearu (b. 1985): I was born in Soviet Union but grew up in Estonia. I studied painting (2004-2008) and photography (2008-2013) at the Estonian Academy of Arts.  In 2006-2007 I was an exchange student at the Rebecca Horn studio at Berlin University of the Arts, where I started doing performance and video art. I work and live in Flo Kasearu House Museum in Tallinn, Estonia. The nature of my works is seasonal and explorative, in that each project begins as an open-ended game. No favourite theme or a medium. I am interested in grassroots level, private and public space, vertical vs horizontal relationships, monumental vs unstable. I value irony more than aesthetics. So far I have played with private and public space, freedom, economic depression, patriotism and nationalism, domestic violence... More info:
Anglers. Silvia Jõgever and Kadi Estland
The project space on the 4th floor of Kumu is a mobile extension of the permanent display of Soviet Estonian art. One of its intents is to create a dialogue between artists from different generations. On this occasion, the exhibition in the project space focusses on the oeuvre of the Tartu art teacher and artist Silvia Jõgever (1924–2005) created in the 1960s and 1970s.
The exhibition A-tishoo, A-tishoo, We All Fall Down by CCA
We welcome you to the opening of the exhibition on November 1 at 7pm.   The exhibition A-tishoo, A-tishoo, We All Fall Down deals with dread and hopelessness. It reflects a self-destructive situation where the man-made world is turning on us in an increasingly forceful way. With the participating artists of the exhibition, a journey is created, guided by uncertainty about what lies ahead.   For the first time, the Estonian Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA) is curating collectively to bring together different experiences and ways of thinking, to save resources and reduce overproduction. The exhibition includes the artists Ivana Bašić, Pakui Hardware, Anu Juurak, Jussi Kivi, Raul Keller, Johanna Maria Parv, Hanna Samoson, Emilija Škarnulytė, Peeter Ulas, Brit Pavelson and Sissela Jensen, Aaloe-Ader-Flo-Künnap-Soosalu.
Kristina Norman "Lighter Than Woman"
"Lighter Than Woman“ is a poetical-documentary performance about overcoming the gravity of life in direct and indirect meaning. Norman observes Italy's only female astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti as a person who has overcome gravity literally by becoming weightless in outer space. In parallel Norman looks at Ukrainian migrant labourers who live in Italy and who have become caregivers for Italian elders and who carry their burden of final years and experience the heaviness literally by lifting them. Nevertheless, these women don’t crumble under the weight of others' lives. On the contrary, they – even without outer space – can overcome gravity. How it is possible and what role work plays in the happiness of human life are the questions examined in Norman’s piece, where documental research, poetical parallels and gravity defying gaze to the difficulties of human life are combined.   Trained as an artist, Kristina Norman is active both in the field of contemporary art and documentary filmmaking.
Mari-Leen Kiipli's personal exhibition „no path goes through Asparaag”
On Thursday, 24 October at 5 p.m. Mari-Leen Kiipli’s personal exhibition “no path goes through Asparaag” will be opened in the monumental gallery of the Tartu Art House.   The artist explain her installative exhibition: “I looked around stunned. Dust balls and lint were sticking to my skin, I tried to wipe them off. Looking outside, I was passing through different environments like courtyard, birthday, plastic greenhouse, the impact of grass, argument of the gardeners, moisture rose, leaning stalks, all year long summerhouse, a piece from somewhere else, the body is inevitable.” Mari-Leen Kiipli (b 1988) has studied photography at the Tartu Art College and at the Estonian Academy of Arts. She was one of the founding members of the artist-run space Rundum for which she was awarded the Adamson-Eric Scholarship and the annual award of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.
Merike Estna opens her solo show "Ghost of the future, filled with memories of past"
October 26th 2019 to January 26th 2020. Moderna Museet Malmö Opening of the exhibition is on October 25th.   Merike Estna opens her solo show "Ghost of the future, filled with memories of past" at Moderna Museet Malmö. The exhibition combines works created specifically for this context – a series of ceramic vessels and a four-part monumental painting ‘Ocean of Endangered Times’ – with a selection of artworks from recent years. Estna’s previous works shown in Malmö include a ceramic floor installation ‘An egg, a larva, a nymph’ which was featured in the 13th Baltic Triennial, a bath tub-sculpture made of hand-painted ceramic plates from the Tallinn City Gallery exhibition ‘A Situation’, and a painting as a stage series ‘Tree trunks, serpens and other animals’ from the Estna’s solo show ‘Disposable Cloves Guide’ shown at kim? Contemporary Art Centre in Riga.
Tyler Tekatch
Artist talk with the award-winning Canadian artist Tyler Tekatch will take place October 23rd at 6PM in ARS Art Factory, Pärnu mnt 154, Tallinn. The event is held in room 310.     Tyler Tekatch is hosted in Tallinn by the Estonian Artists’ Association as part of the Hamilton Arts Council European Artist Exchange. Tekatch’s work explores the nature of dreams, perception and the scientific and religious imagination.     Tyler Tekatch began producing and exhibiting 16mm films in the context of Canadian avant-garde cinema. He has extended his practice to include collage, photography, digital cinema and interactive installation.
Jane Remm "A Pile"
Starting from 25 October, the exhibition “Views on a Landscape” by Jane Remm will be open at Tallinn City Gallery. The artist, focusing on the depiction of Estonian forests and, more broadly, landscapes, will present her new works that depict the shadow zones or peripheries of the familiar beautiful landscape. The exhibition is curated by Siim Preiman. The exhibition will open on Thursday, 24 October at 6pm and it will remain open until 15 December.   Jane Remm is interested in the presentation of landscapes in culture and how they have been designed over the years. In the exhibition “Views on a Landscape”, Remm continues contemplating the relations between humankind and the landscape, this time stepping off the roadside and deeper into the woods.
Johanna Mudist "Amphibian" 2019
"Time Traveller" by Johanna Mudist
On Wednesday, 23 October at 17:30 a new exhibition of oil paintings and miniature drawings Time Traveller by Johanna Mudist will open in the cellar rooms of Galerii Noorus.   The visitor will be involved in a short time travel and will get an overview of topics that the artist has been working in recent years.   The display includes pieces, which are a part of the master thesis project that the artist defended in 2017, discussing time, place and body. The paintings are characterised by large format and infinite perspective. Colours used by the artist mediate the deformation and blending of perceptions, which she has experienced on a long hike.
I Λ I V I  "Posteden"
POSTEDEN is a poetic spectacle, an emotional reflection of mundane situations. Clothing is seen as the material embodiment of post-Edenic spirit: illustrating dystopia and abstracting the body. The destiny of clothed bodies is to accept the unnatural situation as the new norm. The order that relieves the fear of the unknown is artificial. Clothing both conceals and uncovers the body and mind. Disdain and love express the longing for unity. The stable state of satisfaction is unachievable, feeding the yearning for change. The cycle of life is repeating, yet on the individual level, every recurrence is a new experience. POSTEDEN is 4th episode in the series of performative fashion installations by Laivi, following “Mystifying Mundane” (27.10.18), “Long Live Trashed Bodies” (16.3.18) and “When I Was a Girl & Life Was Yet Ahead” (20.10.17). The series experiments with presenting materials as body- coverings both on and off the body. The atmosphere is created together with movement, light and sound.