Jaanika Peerna’s “Glacier Elegy Brooklyn” Performance
​Please join us for Jaanika Peerna’s “Glacier Elegy Brooklyn” Performance Sunday 4 October 2020 Brooklyn, NYC 2pm NYC & EST / 7pm UK & BST / 8pm CEST LIVE & LIVE-STREAMED
Modern Love (or Love in the Age of Cold Intimacies)
On 2 October, the exhibition “Modern Love (or Love in the Age of Cold Intimacies)” curated by Katerina Gregos will open at the Museum für Neue Kunst in Freiburg, Germany. The exhibition is the first major international co-production for Tallinn Art Hall.   According to Paul Aguraiuja, Director of Tallinn Art Hall, it is exceptional for an Estonian art institution to initiate and lead the production of an international exhibition which is currently scheduled to be displayed in three countries, while preliminary negotiations have already begun with potential additional exhibition venues. “I believe that this exhibition, in addition to the recent Forbes article, will enhance the image of Tallinn as an emerging centre of contemporary art and will benefit Estonian artists as well as the local exhibition audience.
Inga Heamägi's exhibition “Ps141:2”
Inga Heamägi's exhibition “Ps141:2”
This current exhibition is part of my personal exhibition, which took place in March 2019 at Draakon Gallery (“PS. The Psalms and Prophet Jonah in the Belly of the Whale”) The Psalms or Psalter (Hebrew םי לִּ הִ תְּ tehillim, Greek ψαλμοί) is one of the most important and well-known part of the Jewish and Christian scripture. There are 150 psalms. The central theme of the psalms is praise give to the Lord. The main task of human life is to pray and render praise. All the creation, but especially the human heart, is a temple of God. Accordig to psalms, there is a knowledge of the source and purpose of life in our hearts.   Psalm 141:2 “Let my prayer arise as incense before you, the lifting up of my hands as an
Kristina Õllek’s exhibition “Filter Feeders, Double Binds & Other Silicones”
Kristina Õllek’s exhibition “Filter Feeders, Double Binds & Other Silicones” in Draakon gallery will be opened from Tuesday, 29th of September. The exhibition remains open until October 10.
Angela Soop's personal exhibition "War and Peace I"
Angela Soop's personal exhibition “War and Peace I” will be open in Hobusepea gallery from Thursday, September 24th, 2020. Exhibition will be open until October 12, 2020.   There is no war, yet someone hurts my heart every day.   Madis Kõiv   Angela Soop: “Current exhibition serves as the first one from the cycle consisting of four parts. The cycle arises and changes according to the surrounding and inner state. The meanings of the words “war” and “peace” depend on the ways of interpretation and the context. While preparing for this exhibition I was unable to foresee the situation today. Concepts have become more reverse, yet the lights seem to have turned down a bit. Borders become vague, volumes coincide and transform. The exhibition is based on perceiving the states and observing various influencing factors.
Arne Maasik’s solo exhibition “Individual Spaces”
From Saturday, 26 September Arne Maasik’s solo exhibition “Individual Spaces” can be visited in the large gallery of the Tartu Art House.   The exhibition consists of Maasik’s latest central photo series “Geometry and Metaphysics”, “Limen” and “Tangles”. All the images are displayed in Tartu for the first time and the images of “Tangles” have been specially selected from previously unreleased materials. The series are brought together by Elnara Taidre’s essay “Individual Spaces”.   Taidre writes: “The general dynamism of Maasik’s oeuvre could be described as movement from depiction of nature that strives for order towards the depiction of ideal architecture. The leafless trunks and branches of “Tangles” on the black-and-white photos have an aesthetic effect and are even graphical in nature.
Laura Põld "Bath" (2020)
Kohila Symposium at ARS Art Factory
15.09–02.10.20 Gallery 125, ARS Art Factory   Participating artists: Ingrid Allik, Georg Bogatkin, Sergei Isupov, Kauri Kallas, Leena Kuutma, Kris Lemsalu, Aigi Orav, Laura Põld, Kadri Pärnamets, Leo Rohlin, Kärt Seppel and Annika Teder.   24.09 – Come visit! During the day, on Thursday, you are welcome to meet and greet the authors present at the gallery, together with the kiln master Andres Allik.   In August, Kohila Symposium celebrated both the 20th symposium and 20 years passing from the first anagama-kiln constructions. The unusual format brought together 12 Estonian artists selected from the previous symposium participants. Artists created large format works in their home studios or in the facilities of ARS Ceramics Centre in Tallinn.
Maria Kapajeva’s solo exhibition "When the World Blows Up, I Hope to Go Down Dancing"
Maria Kapajeva’s solo exhibition “When the World Blows Up, I Hope to Go Down Dancing” will be on display at Art Hall Gallery from 17 September. The artist addresses the social pressures that accompany women throughout their lives and looks for ways to confront them. The curator of the exhibition is Siim Preiman.   The exhibition will open on Wednesday, 16 September at 5 pm and will run until 8 November.   Traditional gender roles are often considered as predestined as the laws of nature, rather than the co-creation of society. This is exactly why they are so persistent. According to the most common stereotypes, women are expected to stay young forever on the one hand and to become mothers on the other. Such roles are reiterated in education, media and culture. But what happens if you don’t want to take on either role?
Diana Tamane's video installation “Letters from Mum III, Mõšanin”
On September 19th at 4pm KORDON Container Gallery opens Diana Tamane's video installation “Letters from Mum III, Mõšanin”. Opening will be followed by artist talk moderated by curator Laura Toots (EKKM). This will be our last exhibition this summer. You are very much invited!   The new video installation “Mõšan” by Diana Tamane continues on the theme of Diana's family. Diana's mother, long-haul truck driver, reflects in a letter to her daughter on the relationship between man, technology and nature: “Well, daughter, here's the story of our busy truckers' life ... On the night of May 5th, we stopped in La Junquera for a nine hour rest. It's that Catalan town on the border, between Spain and France which I have told you about. That’s were we have our "mandatory refuelling" before we leave Spain. We often spend the night there because in France stopping at night before Lyon is risky - in the morning very likely the fuel tank would be empty. It's about 1200 litres of fuel we would be responsible for. We took off at dawn.
Exhibition "Tiger in Space"
Exhibition "Tiger in Space"
Open from Saturday, September 12 from noon.      Artists: Julian Charrière, Iggy Malmborg, Eduardo Navarro, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Jeremy Shaw, Karl Sjölund, Martta Tuomaala, Ana Vaz, Kristina Õllek Curators: Marten Esko, Vanina Saracino and Lea Vene   "Tiger in Space" sets out to address and think about the resourceful and at times oversaturated notion of energy.