Krista Mölder “You Were a Bird”
Krista Mölder “You Were a Bird”
27.10 - 21.11.2021 Vernissage 26.10.2021 18:00-20:00   "Form is henceforth divorced from matter. Matter as a visible object is of no great use any longer, except as the mould on which form is shaped. Give us a few negatives of a thing worth seeing, taken from different points of view, and that is all we want of it."   Oliver Wendell Holmes
8th Tallinn Print Triennial “Warm. Checking Temperature in Three Acts”
Tallinn Print Triennial is pleased to announce its 18th edition entitled “Warm. Checking Temperature in Three Acts”, which opens on 22 January 2022. The triennial, curated by Róna Kopeczky, primarily gives thought to the radical political, cultural political and social turns that affect Central and Eastern Europe, and  it also inscribes these changes in a global perspective through the lens of universal absurdity.
Edith Karlsoni i “Return to Innocence”
On Friday, 29 October at 6pm Edith Karlson opens her new solo exhibition “Return to Innocence” at the Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM).   Exhibiting on all three floors of the museum, Karlson turns her gaze towards the darker, filthier, funnier and gentler side of existence. The exhibition rooms at EKKM are transformed into spaces, where we come across all sorts of unexpected objects – terracotta eternity and Virgin Mary, an orchid and a bell jar, a tiny Christ and never-ending Enya. In addition to Karlson's original pieces, the show also includes artworks from the Art Museum of Estonia, the Estonian History Museum, the Tartu City Museum and the archaeological research collection of the Tallinn University.    Edith Karlson is a sculptor, working with animalistic and brutal characters, untouched by the anguish of civilisation.
Lilian Mosolainen  “Every Departure An Arrival”
”EVERY DEPARTURE AN ARRIVAL” Paintings 1991(1987)-2021 Exhibition on four floors
“Love, Freedom, Nature” by Tarrvi Laamann
On Friday, 8 October, artist #TarrviLaamann's solo exhibition   “Love, Freedom, Nature” opens at Saaremaa Kunstistuudio Gallery.   The artist describes: “This exhibition work became full of colour and contrast like the Jamaican life. It's inspired by the people of this island and its nature, warm sun and the Caribbean Sea. The impulse came directly from its nature and local culture - I printed cannabis, coco leaves onto plywood/canvas and added bright acrylic colours that are common to Jamaica and which flow and pulsate on the paintings like the local folk music - in the rhythm of reggae & Estonian regi singing”.  
Exhibition “So Bright That It Blinds You” by Eleriin Ello
In her solo exhibition at the Art Hall Gallery, “So Bright That It Blinds You”, Eleriin Ello shifts the temporal and spatial dimensions of tiny, palm-sized stones on the one hand, and the imperceptible vastness of space on the other. We have all looked to the sky and we have all looked down to the ground at our feet. “These are the two ends of a single scale”, Eleriin Ello says. She paints both of these.   You are welcome to the opening of the exhibition So Bright That It Blinds You at the Art Hall Gallery on 7 October at 6 pm!    “My exhibition is based on the perception of the vastness of our inner universe and the immeasurability of existence. The exhibition features abstract paintings on the themes of light and darkness and also realistic paintings of stones. /…/ On the scale of the inner universe of man and the infinity of being, I am moving towards a place where I have no beginning or end. I just am.
Cloe Jancis. Mother and Child. 2021. Photo
On 9 October at 4 PM, the opening of “Exhibition as Conversation” takes place at the Tartu Art House. The exhibition brings together works by five artists from Estonia and nearby countries: Kjell Caminha, Cloe Jancis, Małgorzata Mirga-Tas, Maarit Murka and Diana Tamane. An extensive public programme is part of the exhibition, featuring numerous dialogue partners: Grete Arro, Eva-Liisa Roht-Yilmaz, Community Development master’s students (UT), Värska Südamekodu care home residents, and many others. The exhibition is part of the satellite programme of the Tallinn Photomonth contemporary art biennial.   The common thread linking the artworks exhibited at the Tartu Art House Large Gallery and Monumental Gallery is the exploration of relevant social processes.
Anna Mari Liivrandi näitus „Karikakra torge“
Anna Mari Liivrand will open her personal exhibition “Prick of a Daisy” in the Project Room of the ARS Art Factory at 6pm on Wednesday, September 29, 2021. Exhibition will be open until October 16, 2021.   “Prick of a Daisy” is an exhibition about rituals, objects, ornaments and anxieties that structure our everyday activities.   The pandemic-related quarantines have created a situation where interruptions in everyday practices make it impossible for people to define the flow of time and the emerging gaps in perceiving time cause anxiety. There is a lack of rituals that would help structuring and creating time, interpersonal relationships and perceiving daily changes. Similarly to rituals, ornaments contextualize time as well. Things embellished by ornaments are elevated to the present moment of time while revealing more complex reference systems.  
Exhibition of paintings by the art robot AI_NORN
On Thursday, October 7th  at 17 in the Gallery of Physicum the exhibition of paintings by the art robot AI_NORN will be opened. The exhibition remains opened up to November 2nd and is visitable from 9 to 19 on working days. The creators of AI_NORN are Russian data scientists Nikolay Gavrilin and Anna Mischenko (Altai / Moscow). Their art robot uses for painting traditional tools such as paints, canvases, and brushes. Despite its young age (the project was started in 2019) it has already gained international attention, participating in the spring of this year in an international art fair in Dubai. The authors about their “child”:
Liivia Leškin's personal exhibition “Who's the King of the Castle?”
Liivia Leškin's personal exhibition “Who's the King of the Castle?” will be open in the basement, or the belly of Draakon gallery from Monday, September 27, 2021. Exhibition has been curated by Anna Leskin De Muynck.   Liivia Leškin: “This exhibition is dedicated to Estonian men. Tiit, Tõnu, Riho, Rein, Urmas, Peeter, Toomas, Jaak, Peep, Eerik, Hannes, Aare, Avo, Ilmar, Mart, Ivo, Indrek, Raivo, Lembit, Hennes, Jaan, Mart ... To them and lots of other men who are more or less the same age as me, whom I remember from kindergarden or school. They have been good colleagues, friends, neighbours. Yet, the exhibition is also dedicated to those Estonian men whom I have never personally met, but whom I feel like I know them. Because they are my contemporaries.   PS! These names were popular back then. Sometimes there were several boys with the same name in the class. Similar list could be made also with the girls' names that were popular back then.