Tartu Art Auction
The auction takes place on 13 March at 6 p.m. in the Tartu Art House and will be conducted by Reigo Kuivjõgi.   To participate in the bidding, you have to register at oksjon [at]  by 12 March. Participation is also possible over phone.   Altogether, 169 artists applied for the auction with 287 works. Of them, fifty artists and fifty one works were selected. Participating artists are:
 Invisible systems at exhibition Endless Story
Endless Story brings new work by Mihkel Ilus and Paul Kuimet together under one roof. In this exhibition Ilus and Kuimet look at the invisible systems that drive our world, the former addressing local systems, the latter global, which despite the passing of time remain or are born once again in an almost identical form.   Exhibition is curated by Siim Preiman.   The exhibition will open on Saturday 7 March at 12pm. Pop-up bar will be serving snacks and drinks, music selection by Kaarel Valter. Opening speeches and a tour with curator and artist will start at 2pm.  
Cloe Jancise and Maris Karjatse
Cloe Jancis and Maris Karjatse will open their first co-exhibition Meanwhile at 6pm on Wednesday, February 26th, 2020. Exhibition will be open until March 16.   With their first collaboration project, artists Maris Karjatse and Cloe Jancis focus on objects related to human body as well as on the dynamics and tension developing between public and intimate space. Through activating objects and materials as well as interpreting the communication of their inner and outer characteristics, the artists create artifacts with new meanings. The working process of Cloe Jancis and Maris Karjatse includes constant, if not continuous becoming something; endless transformation of form and representation; delay of the result; or even return to the beginning in order to proceed.  
 “Punctum“ by Juss Piho
“Punctum“ by Juss Piho
25.02.2020 to 14.03.2020
Juss Piho's personal exhibition Punctum will be opened in Draakon gallery at 5pm on Tuesday, February 25th, 2020.   Juss Piho: “My paintings are largely made of events experienced in life and fragments that are hard to verbalize; of the associations between both positive and negative emotions; of situations that cannot be fully explained; of sensations and moments between human beings; of combinations of the recollections of seemingly unimportant details. I am toying with various compositions of memory while documenting the most influential for myself. The role of colour temperatures and tension as well as compositional structure play far more important role than the abundance of colour in my work.“  
Robert-Rudolf Volk
On Thursday, 20 February at 5.30 p.m. the exhibition “Robert-Rudolf Volk. Artworker” will be opened in the small gallery of the Tartu Art House. The exhibition is curated by Indrek Grigor (Tartu Art Museum). The exhibition assembles a selection of sculptures by the stone cutter Volk. It is therefore an homage to the oldest member of the Tartu Artists’ Union and a sincere tribute to a fellow artworker by the curator Indrek Grigor. Volk was not a mere craftsman but also the author of many tombstones and has modelled various sculptures. Today, when the contribution of artworkers to the process of creating an art work is increasingly valued, it is past time for the first personal exhibition of Robert-Rudolf Volk.
“The Anatomy of Estonian Art Jewellery 1953-2019“
On Friday, 21 February at 6 pm exhibition “The Anatomy of Estonian Art Jewellery 1953-2019“ will be opened at the Tartu Art Museum.     Jewellery is one of the most wide-ranging areas of applied arts: despite the small size of most pieces of jewellery, they are intimately close to people. This exhibition highlights art jewellery as a means of individual self-expression that values people in diverse ways, offering them new visions and contexts, and it is based on experimentality in ideas, use of materials and the required skills.   Art jewellery conveys the characteristic elements of its time but can also transcend time. The displayed selection of objects from the 1950s to the present day looks at jewellery as an independent art form and the viewer can sense, explore, interpret and broaden all of jewellery’s possible meanings.  
Tartu Art Auction exhibition
On Thursday, 20 February at 6 p.m. the exhibition of the first Tartu Art Auction will be opened in the monumental gallery of the Tartu Art House. The auction is organised by the Tartu Artists’ Union in co-operation with the gallery Art & Tonic. Auction takes place on 13 March!   Altogether, 169 artists applied for the auction with 287 works. Of them, fifty artists and fifty one works were selected. Participating artists are:
Flo Kasearu’s solo exhibition “Endangered Species”
On 21 February, Flo Kasearu’s solo exhibition “Endangered Species” will open in the Tartu Art Museum. It deals with closing a business based on the example of a small shop in Pärnu. The exhibition has been curated by Marika Vaarik.   A small shop in the suburbs of Pärnu. A barbershop in Puhja. An accounting office in Maardu. … In the 1990s, many were glad to exploit the newly liberalised opportunities for entrepreneurship and haven’t stopped doing business ever since, even when continuing their entrepreneurial activities hasn’t been their heart’s desire for a long time.   Small businesses, or more accurately micro businesses, form about 95% of Estonian companies. Most of them have only a couple of employees, often only one: the owner. 28% of all entrepreneurs are women. Great. Of these women, 72% are solo entrepreneurs. How many of them think about quitting each and every day?  
Vello Vinn's anniversary exhibition “UMBLUU Time and Space. Vello Vinn feat. Kiwa”
On Thursday, 20 February at 5 p.m. the artist Vello Vinn will open his anniversary exhibition “UMBLUU Time and Space. Vello Vinn feat. Kiwa” featuring Kiwa in the large gallery of the Tartu Art House. The exhibition has been curated by Andra Orn from The exhibition reveals the world of symbols of the singular printmaker Vello Vinn where words and shapes transform together. The simplest and probably the most precise definition for Vinn’s prints is “psychedelic” but often the term “surreal” is used to define them. The title of the exhibition comes from Aino Pervik’s book “Umbluu. New and Old Capers” that was illustrated by Vinn. Among many others, Kiwa was once infected by the magic of this book and the exhibition is therefore based on the principle of remix: the original works of the classical master have been combined with new interpretations.
Laura Kuusk “Dear Algorithm,”
Laura Kuusk “Dear Algorithm,”
19.02.2020 to 29.03.2020
As our lives are more and more digitally controlled, our bodies’ relationship to the environment has also changed in profound ways. Laura Kuusk’s solo exhibition “Dear Algorithm,” curated by Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk, explores the productive tension between our desire to adapt and survive on the one hand, and our resistance to the logic of codes, on the other.    The exhibition will be open from February 20 at the Tallinn Art Hall Gallery.